How to Read QR Codes With iPhone on iOS 12

In iOS 11, Apple inserted a function within the system to read QR codes with iPhone through the Camera app. With iOS 12, the operation is even simpler. You can read QR codes through a special connection from the Control Center. Here’s how it works.

In iOS 11, it was necessary to open the Camera app, frame the QR code, and then click on the banner that appears at the top of the camera interface. With iOS 12, it will be possible to read QR codes with iPhone from the Control Center if the Scan QR Codes switch on Settings is disabled.

QR code reading from the Control Center

Starting from iOS 12, to read quick response codes with iPhone, you can configure the shortcut on the Control Center. To do this, simply:

  • Go to Settings,
  • Choose the Control Center tab
  • You should then choose the option to Customize Controls.
  • At this point, you will have to click the small green symbol in the shape of “+” next to the Scan QR code icon. This will activate the shortcut on the Control Center.

Once this step is done, touch the QR code icon on the control center to start reading the codes through the native Camera app. You should note how in this way, even if the Scan QR Codes option is disabled in the Settings, the Camera app will be perfectly capable of reading these codes.

It will be necessary to point the camera lens at an image containing a QR code for correct use. Once your iPad or iPhone detects the QR code, you will see a notification at the top. Tapping the notification option at the top opens the link to the QR code.

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