How Scammers Can Steal Your Money With Just a QR Code

QR codes are a new technology present in more and more establishments, shops and stores. They are the evolution of the traditional barcode. A module for storing information in a two-dimensional dot matrix.

Being such a widespread technology throughout the world, it also becomes an opportunity for scammers at the same time. You probably pay more attention to the security of WhatsApp or mobile banking apps, but with QR codes you don’t have to neglect yourself at all.

How you can be scammed through a QR code

It is known as the reverse QR scam, and in addition to an economic deception through which they steal an amount of money, they keep your personal and bank details that you have entered.

The scammer shows his ‘prey’ a QR code that is supposed to be from his bank but is actually a payment request that has yet to be validated. If you fall into their trap and scan it, you will end up paying for the purchase made by the scammer. These types of scams do not stop growing, appearing on any platform.

How to avoid QR Code scams

To avoid fraud like this, in addition to being very careful, you must look at the URL of the web page you are browsing. A fairly reliable way to check that it is secure is to see if the term ‘HTTPS’ appears at the beginning of the address. This is a security standard that if you do not look at it, it is most likely that this website is suspected of carrying out a scam.

There are also applications on the market that carry out automatic security tests before activating the QR code and verify that it is completely secure. Any precaution is essential if you want to avoid being scammed even through methods that nobody would expect.

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