How to Prevent Your Old Google Searches From Appearing

The Internet browser stores a lot of information about your activity. If you don’t want anyone to know what pages you have recently visited, you have the option to delete the history. We explain to you how to prevent recent Google searches from appearing in your search history.

Remove previous Google searches from search history

The purpose of this record is to know what pages you have visited or what searches you have done and it is often very helpful. But it is also true that, over time, there is too much data that Google stores about us or our customs. So, if you want to reduce the volume of data and increase your privacy, you have the option of eliminating previous searches.

All this data is recorded in the event that we are logged in. It will be stored in the searches of your profile. In the opposite case, it will be stored in the history of the browser that we have used for your query. There are several methods available to make your Google searches disappear. The easiest way to delete a recent search is to do it from the browser itself and the main page of the Google search engine.

To do this, you just have to click on the search bar and on the list with the most recent activity. This way, you locate the search that you want to eliminate and click on the delete option to the right of each of the search parameters used.

This system is good to remove a specific search, but it is a slow and tedious procedure if you need to delete a much larger number of these. In this case, the most efficient way to do it will be by clicking on the profile picture in the upper right corner of the window.

Stop recent searches from appearing

  • In the displayed window select “ Manage your Google account”prevent recent Google searches from appearing
  • In the menu at the top select “Data and Privacy”
  • Slide the options until you reach the “history settings” section, where you will select “Web & App Activity”web and app activity
  • Here, you will find a list of apps or sites where the searches you have made are recorded. This happens as long as it is activated.prevent recent Google searches from appearing
  • In this case, you will see blocks with the label search, and next to these, in the upper right corner, the “X” button. Clicking on the content of each block will be deleted.delete Google search history
  • In addition, you have the option to filter by date or product and eliminate searches based on the filter applied.

If you do not want Google to save any information about your activity in your browser, the option that remains is to deactivate the search history. In the same way that we have accessed the configuration options, go to “Web & App activity” again.prevent recent Google searches from appearing

This time click on the check box to deactivate the option that by default appears with a checkmark on a blue background. This way, there will be no record of the sites visited or of the searches carried out previously.

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