How to Prevent Spotify from Automatically Launching on Mac startup

If you use Spotify on Mac, you may have noticed that the application on macOS is automatically executed when the Mac starts up, a behavior that could be annoying. The application in question is not among those indicated in the Users & Groups Preferences> Login Items, but uses its own method for automatic execution. Below we see how to disable the automatic start of Spotify on macOS:

  1. Visit the Spotify application on your Mac and log in with your account
  2.  From the Spotify app, click on your name at the top, click on the triangle, and select “Settings”
  3. The “Settings” window will open. Scroll down and click “Show advanced settings”
  4. Additional settings will display. From here, you need to locate the “Startup and Window Settings” section. From here, you can choose between: “Minimized”, “Yes” and “No.” Choose the desired setting (“No” to not automatically load Spotify at startup). The “Minimized” option starts the app automatically on startup and leaves it running in the background.stop Spotify from opening on Mac during startup

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