Recover Deleted Photos and Videos on Android and iOS in These Simple Ways

Photos and videos are among the most valuable files stored by people on their mobile devices. It happens that, due to some carelessness, error, or distraction, we may erase said information. What to do in these cases? How can one recover deleted photos and videos on Android and iOS easily? In this article, we will show you how.

Our parents’ and grandparents’ long-standing custom of collecting photographs of special moments and then showing them to us and showing them to their friends on days of family reunions or social gatherings persists in us.

The only change witnessed is the format before it was photographic paper and old albums, the instruments used to store photos, today we do it on our Smartphones and mobile devices.

Recovering files and videos from your phone is also possible without using ROOT. In case you don’t know, ROOT is a process for Android phones or Smartphones to have privileged control of the phone’s functions.

The Sacred Temple of Mobile Devices

Mobile devices have become, for ordinary mortals, the most utilitarian tools available to you. Among the most common functions, but at the same time, most essential is storing photos and videos and other valuable information.

It turns out that Smartphones have become a kind of sacred temples, where we store valuable information, whether personal or professional, including, of course, videos and photographs of people and special and unrepeatable moments.recover deleted pics

However, it happens at some point that, by accident, carelessness, or by mistake in the handling of the mobile, we make a photo, video, or other types of information of great value disappear. What to do in these cases to recover photos and videos on Android and iOS.

Generally, in mobile devices, digital photos and videos are stored in internal memory, on the SD card, or on external devices arranged for it.

These units mentioned have a not very long useful life. On the other hand, they can suffer damage caused by virus attacks, overuse, or lack of proper maintenance.

What to do in these cases? How to recover photos and videos on Android and iOS?

We will start by showing the steps to recover accidentally deleted photos, videos, or other files on the iOS operating system. In case you don’t know, you can recover deleted voice messages.

Apple Support offers several steps to help us. The first thing to do is go to the backup provided by iCloud or iTunes, which allows you to restore non-localized files. However, this entails collateral damage, such as the replacement of our data on the mobile device.

If you do not want this to happen, the most recommended option is to use the Stellar Data Recovery Apps. We show you different options of applications available to recover photos and videos on Android and iOS.file recovery

Dr. fone is other Apps that can be used under the iOS operating system to recover accidentally deleted or lost videos and photos. This application even allows you to recover notes, contacts, and even the conversation history in WhatsApp.

How to recover photos and videos on an Android?

Contrary to iOS in the Android operating system, the risks of losing data when recovering lost photos and videos can be greater. However, if a backup copy is kept, the process of recovering them becomes simple.

It is always advisable to keep a backup of files such as videos and photos stored in the cloud, in Google Photos or Dropbox, since it could be restored from there if it were to be lost. If it does not work as you require, you can use the same applications recommended for iPhone: Stella Recovery and Dr. fone.

Another application that can also help you with this task of recovering deleted photos and videos is that of Diskdigger.

Stella Recovery allows you to recover lost data from the device’s internal memory, such as from the external SD card. Meanwhile, the Dr. fone version for Android is compatible with more than six thousand different devices and brands. In this way, we show you how to recover photos, and videos on Android and iOS deleted accidentally or by mistake.

There are not only applications that help you recover deleted files and photos on your phone. Some programs will also help you recover deleted files from your PC.

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