How to Insert Chapters in a YouTube Video

Last year, YouTube introduced the possibility of inserting chapters within a video uploaded to its platform in order to facilitate smooth viewing by all users. In this way, you will be able to go from one point of the video to another in a fast and simple way and at the same time understand in preview the contents covered by the video itself.

Let’s see together how to add chapters to a video that you uploaded to your YouTube channel.

Better user experience by viewers

Chapters divide the video into sections, allowing viewers to jump from one part of the video to the other.

Insert Chapters in a YouTube Video

To add chapters within a video on YouTube:

  • Log in to our channel with the credentials of the associated Google account.
  • Enter YouTube Studio, the YouTube section for managing the content uploaded to a channel.
  • Locate the video we want to edit.
  • Now click on the Edit Video button below the video and go to the Description section.

Inside the description field, we now insert a list of timestamps with their titles as shown in the following example:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 02:24 Central Part
  • 05:43 Conclusion

The first timestamp in the chapters list must begin with 00:00 and the minimum length of each chapter must be at least 10 seconds. YouTube also recommends putting a minimum of three timestamps in the chapters list, obviously in ascending order.

After completing the list within the description, save the changes and now go back to the video page to which you have just added the chapters to verify the exact insertion and test the function you have just activated.

The chapters will now be visible both in the description, thanks to the list you have entered, and in the progress bar within the video viewing window. It will in fact be divided into equal parts to the number of chapters you have set and each section will have the relative title set by you.

Here is a detailed video description of how to go about it:

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