How to Increase or Change Font Size in Safari Browser on Mac

It is not a secret for anyone that surfing the web has become one of the activities that we usually do daily. And for this reason, many people have shown their dissatisfaction with the problems generated to their vision. Although many have used dark mode, it is necessary to use other tools. We will show you a simple way to change or increase the font size in the Safari browser on Mac.

With the damage that the intensity of the screen’s brightness can cause to your eyes, you should change something, and that is the font size. Being this small, you can’t do anything to avoid straining your eyes, and this generates fatigue and pain. Don’t worry. Today we’ll show you a simple trick that the Safari browser gives us for this problem.

This browser will allow you, without major complications, to adjust the font size of an entire text on any website.

How to change or increase font size in Safari browser on Mac

With this method, you can enlarge or reduce the size of a web page without changing the font size. The first thing to do is to go directly to your Mac. Once there, open the Safari browser and write any address to access a web page quickly.

The next step is to go to the menu at the top of the browser and while there, click on the View tab option. This action will generate a drop-down menu with different options to appear on the screen. Select Enlarge. This will allow all the content of the page to increase its size including its letters.

This action can also be generated through the keyboard, and for this, you will use the key combination or shortcut. In this case, to make it bigger, press the Command keys and then (+) more. If the size that the page has acquired is not enough, you must repeat this step as many times as necessary or as allowed.Safari Web Browser

If you want the web page to be displayed in a smaller size, you can do the following. Go to the menu and click on View and then select the Zoom Out option. You can achieve the same thing through the keyboard, using the shortcut. In this case, you are going to press the Command keys and then (-) minus.

How to change or increase the font size in Safari browser on Mac with the toolbar

You may place two buttons on the toolbar that allow you to increase and decrease the size of a web page without problems and in a faster way.

This, of course, to be able to see the letters at a good size. As these buttons do not appear by default, you must configure the Safari browser to appear.

To do this, do not go back to the top menu. Click on the View option. A menu will be displayed and from it. Select the Customize the toolbar option. This generates a box that contains several action buttons that you can add to the toolbar.

The next step is to choose the buttons labeled Zoom. Drag them to the toolbar to position them. Once this is done, go to the Done option and click so that the action is specified and the window closes. Now you can see two buttons with the letter A on the bar, the smaller one reduces the size of the letters, and the larger one increases the size. As you can see, Apple makes it easy to use its browser.

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