How to Fix WiFi Issue in macOS Ventura?

If you decide to try the beta version of macOS Ventura and are having problems connecting to WiFi, then here is the solution.

One user reported this issue on a forum page:

“Internet connection does not work after switching to a new operating system. The Wi-Fi icon in the menu bar has an exclamation point and the Wi-Fi toggle is greyed out. Has anyone else experienced this?”

We were unable to reproduce exactly this situation on either the Apple iMac 24 2020 or the Apple Macbook Air 2020, but we found a large number of references to this problem on the Internet.

So how do you fix WiFi issues in macOS Ventura?

Perform the following troubleshooting steps:

1. Make the WiFi service active

Apparently, there is some glitch in macOS 13 Public Beta 3 that makes the Wi-Fi service inactive. To fix this follow these steps:

– Open “System Preferences” and click “Network”.

– Right-click Wi-Fi.

– Click “Make Service Active”.

2. Delete the network and reconnect

– Open “System Preferences” and go to the “Network” section.

– Next, go to the “Advanced” section.

– Click on the problematic WiFi network and delete it.

– Click on the WiFi icon in the menu bar and reconnect to the previously deleted network. You should find it under “Other networks”.

Fact: you need to know your network password from this network to which you want to connect otherwise nothing will come of it.

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