How to Fix Stuck Notifications Icon on Apple Watch?

Is the notifications presence icon on your Apple Watch stuck at the top of the watch face and won’t go away? Swiping down to bring up the Notification Center to clear notifications doesn’t help? This is a common issue in watchOS 9!

I ran into this several times during the watchOS 9 beta phase.

You might think that it’s nothing to worry about, but constantly seeing a red dot on the dial is a little annoying.

How to fix Stuck Red Dot Notifications on Apple Watch?

It’s very simple, this error can be fixed by restarting your watchOS device:

1) Press and hold the Digital Crown (2) and the side button (3) at the same time until the Apple logo appears on the screen.fix stuck notifications on Apple Watch

2) Release both buttons and wait until the Apple Watch restarts.

3) Open Notification Center and clear notifications.

Fact: Unfortunately, this approach is not a complete solution to the problem and there is a high probability that the red dot will stick on your Apple Watch again.

Tip: Make sure you update to the latest version of watchOS 9 available. I really hope that Apple will fix this misunderstanding in the next update.

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