How to Add Music to Apple Watch

Probably not everyone will know that it is possible to add music to Apple Watch so that you can listen to it even when you leave your iPhone at home. This is a useful feature, even when you go out for a run or a simple walk. So, if you have upgraded your smartwatch to watchOS 8, here’s how to add music to Apple Watch.

It is possible to choose whether to automatically add playlists to Apple Watch, select them manually, or load entire albums on the smartwatch. Let’s start with the first solution.

Automatically add playlists to Apple Watch

The first thing to do is to launch the Watch app on the iPhone. From here, enter the “Apple Watch ” tab, which is located at the bottom of the screen. At this point, choose the “Music” tab, activating the on/off switch located under the heading of automatic add of playlists.add music to Apple Watch

Manually add playlists on Apple Watch

As before, you will have to – first of all – open the Watch app on the iPhone and choose your watch. Once again, you will need to open the Music panel. This time, scrolling down will take you to the Playlists and Albums section. From here, you will have to select the Playlist tab. It will now be sufficient to click on the “+” in the upper right corner to manually add the playlist on Apple Watch.

Add albums to Apple Watch

The other option is to add entire albums to Apple Watch. The mechanism is very similar to what we saw with playlists. In fact, it will be necessary to open the Watch app on the iPhone, choose your watch and, once again, open the ” Music ” tab.

This time, under the heading Albums you will find tap on the option “ Add Music… “. Subsequently, you can choose the Album item. In this last screen, you can add some to Apple Watch by simply clicking “+” which is located in the top right.

Workout playlist

It is also possible to add playlists that are automatically played when you start a workout with your Apple Watch. To do this, simply open the Watch app on the iPhone, select Apple Watch, and then enter the Training tab. From here, you will have to tap on the Workout Playlist, adding the ones you want to be played during your workout.

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