How to Fix Screenshot Clarity Issue on Chrome?

Many people use their PC’s screenshot or screen capture function to capture a visual on Chrome! But the result is mostly a saturated and unusable image under editing software. Let’s see how to solve this problem:

We are all big consumers of the “screenshot” or scree capture button on our PCs. This key allows you to take a snapshot of your screen, and then use it in image editing software such as Photoshop for example.

A very practical function for recovering certain visuals, especially on the Internet. And since we’re talking about the web, chances are you’re using Google Chrome. And here is the drama! Captures made via your Chrome browser are completely saturated and unusable, while on browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Edge; no problem appears!

So how do you avoid constantly switching browsers and solve the problem of these saturated colors on Chrome, when capturing the screen?

How to fix the Chrome screenshot issue?

It is very simple! Google offers many experimental features for its browser, most of which are validated on default. To access these settings and solve the saturation problem, copy/paste the following path in the navigation bar of Google Chrome: chrome://flags/

You will access a page where these dozens of experimental functions are visible. The one that interests us is this one: Force Color Profile

Use the search field (Search Flags) at the top and copy/paste the Force Color Profile function to access it quickly. The function will appear and in the small drop-down menu on the right indicating Default, choose sRGB and then validate by clicking on the Relaunch button at the bottom right (be sure to save your work beforehand if necessary) it will restart your browser.

Now take another screenshot and it should be resolved with a more usable result. The screenshot under Chrome below was made after validating the sRGB profile. A trick that will save you from changing browsers to sometimes make a simple to take a clear screenshot on Google Chrome

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