5 Apps to Start a Fit and Healthy Life

Technology can help you live a fit and healthy lifestyle. Here are 5 apps to help you meet your goals to the latter.

Exercise apps for your New Year’s resolutions

1. Seven

If you are starting a life of exercise, it is not necessary to demand as much. It is advisable to start small and Seven is the perfect app for you. This application offers you a complete workout in just seven minutes a day where you can find more than 200 exercises with challenges to share with friends or family.

2. Yoga for beginners

You have probably tried all kinds of exercises in previous years without really finding what you are passionate about. With Yoga for beginners, you do not demand so much of yourself and it is perfect to start from scratch or continue your training from home. Here you will find complete guides and advanced classes.

3. Freeletics

Freeletics is one of the most recognized and recommended apps when it comes to training. In it, you can find different exercises without materials, but very effective and select the level with which you want to start.healthy living apps

Apps to eat healthier and lead a fit life

1. Yuka

Unlike other applications, Yuka does not implement a personalized diet, but it does help you eat healthily and improve your eating habits. The latter through a food scanner that tells you the calories and whether or not it is recommended to acquire them.

2. Nooddle

If in addition to eating a healthy diet you also want to save money; Nooddle is the ideal app, as it helps you improvise using foods that you already have at home with easy-to-make healthy food recipes.

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