How to Change the Font Size on Your Xiaomi Band 7

When it comes to smartband, the Xiaomi Mi Band is undoubtedly crowned as the best on the market. Years go by and the Asian manufacturer manages to keep this device at the top, which is due to its spectacular value for money.

You just have to do a quick search so that you can verify that you don’t have another model with the same quality and that it is in its price range. The latest model presented by the Asian company was the Xiaomi Mi Band 7, also known as Xiaomi Smart Band 7, and nothing like knowing some tricks to get the most out of it.

An option that you should learn to use is the one that allows you to change the size of the text that appears on the device screen. And for this, you will only have to resort to downloading an application.

Change the font size of your Xiaomi Mi Band to understand them better

Despite the fact that Xiaomi smartbands have a wide variety of options, they also have their limitations, which you will be able to solve by resorting to some other external app. We have an example in the lack of GPS, something that is present in other models and that is sometimes necessary. But you also have the option of downloading an app so you can enjoy it on your smartband, even if it’s by using your mobile phone.

As we have already mentioned before, we are going to show you how you can change the text of your Xiaomi Mi Band. And the application that we will show you below will be ideal. It is Notify for Mi Band. You will be able to find this totally free on Google Play, and it will allow you to add several new options with which to make the most of your to change font size on Xiaomi MI smartband 7

Of course, despite all the options that it puts at your disposal, the one that interests us now is the one that will allow you to change the text to uppercase. To make this change, go to App Settings and select Uppercase Text, and it’s that easy to make the change.

As we indicated, the Notify for Mi Band application has other functions, with which you can get the most out of your bracelet. As if this were not enough, whether you have an Android or an iOS terminal, you can use this application.

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