How to Activate Night Mode on Your Xiaomi Mi Band 6

Dark mode has become very popular among users of any device with a screen. Especially if this is at night or in low-light environments. The benefit of using this mode is proven, which is why most devices with a screen include it, as is the case with the Xiaomi Mi Band 6. We will tell you what it is for and how to activate it.

Activate the dark mode on your Mi Band 6 bracelet

The main benefit of the dark mode is the reduction of eyestrain and an increase in the visibility of content in low-light environments. Prolonged exposure to the blue light emitted by our screens can cause visual stress, causing blurred vision and headaches. It can even influence the production of the sleep hormone, causing problems falling asleep.

So it is highly recommended to activate the dark mode on your device. As a general rule, activity bracelets include a series of settings that allow them to be configured so that the screens remain off at night or only activate when certain movements are made. But this is not enough to limit exposure to blue light.

By activating the dark mode on the Mi Band screen, you will reduce its brightness. This is usually something annoying at night or when sleeping. An adjustment you can access through the Mi Fit application from your mobile phone. This app is the same one you use to configure and synchronize the data the bracelet records with your mobile phone.

Steps to Follow 

Open the app and follow the steps below:

  • First, access the user profile.
  • Among the options, you will find “ bracelet settings.”
  • Click on this option to access the menu.
  • Now select “night mode.”
  • A new pop-up menu will appear with the different options “ disable,” “activate after sunset,” and “schedule on time.”
  • If you select “activate after sunset,” your bracelet will enter night mode at sunset. This means that depending on the time of year you find yourself in, the time will change.

So if you want to activate it from a specific time, the best option is to select “schedule power-on time.” That way, you are the one to decide when you want the brightness to dim. The brightness is one hundred percent.

In addition, this screen mode can be a great ally to increase the autonomy of the bracelet. As with devices with OLED screens, activating this type of setting prolongs their duration since only the necessary pixels will light up at any given time, keeping the dark areas of the screens unlit. You are likely to move and activate the bracelet when sleeping, so keeping a low profile on the brightness will prevent it from bothering you.

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