How to Block Someone from Appearing in Photo Memories on iPhone

The Stock Photos app on iPhone recognizes significant people, places, and events in the user’s library, and offers them in bespoke collections called “Memories”.

You can create customized Memories collections, share them with friends and family and the phone automatically proposes events from time to time in conjunction with particular data, events, etc. On iOS 15, there is also an even more engaging interactive interface, and with mixes, you can customize the story with the look you like and the music you love.

How to do it if, for some reason, you no longer want a person to appear in the Memories (for example, an ex that it would be better not to remember constantly)? Here’s how to do it:

1) Open the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad

2) Select a photo showing the person to be deleted from the “Memories” in the “People and places” section

3) Tap the “Share” button and scroll to find the item “Feature this person less”.

4) At this point two options appear: “Feature this person less” and “Never feature this person”. The first option reduces the number of times photos with this person will be shown. The second option will never show photos in which the person in question is present.feature this person less

Watch the video below for a more comprehensive guide:

What if you get back together?

If you choose to show a person less frequently, but later want to see them again, you need to initialize the Memories settings by going to Settings> Photos, tap “Reset suggested memories” and then reset to confirm.reset suggested memories on iPhone

Dates and places

Similar functions are also available for dates and places:

  • Open the Photos app,
  • tap on “For you” on the main screen,
  • select the icon with the three dots of the event in question
  • finally, select “Show less”.

By selecting the icon with the three dots in the memory, according to the type of memory, it is possible to set “show less” and then items such as: “Feature one person less”, “Feature this place less”, “Feature this holiday less”, “Feature this day less”.feature this day less on memories

Turn off holiday reminders

If you want, you can disable all the memories that show holidays in the country or area you live in. Just go to Settings> Photos, then disable “Show holidays”.

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