How to Check If Your TV is DVB-T2

Have you just learned about the new digital terrestrial standard without which you will no longer be able to watch TV? Do not panic, in this article, we will find out together how to see check if your TV is DVB-T2.

How to tell if your TV is DVB-T2?

You don’t need to be a computer genius to check if your TV is DVB-T2. So, even if we don’t know you, we are sure that you will be able to check its compatibility.

Most TVs produced after 2017 have a built-in DVB-T2 decoder. This means that if you find yourself a recently purchased TV, you won’t need anything to keep watching the TV. All you have to do is connect your Antenna or Aerial.

We can’t say the same about older TVs. In both cases, a few more checks never hurt!

The quickest way to see if your TV is DVB-T2 is to re-tune the channels. By performing this new scan, two new channels should appear: channel 100 and channel 200. If a white box appears on a blue background with the words “ Test HEVC Main10 ” inside, then your TV is compatible with the new digital to check if your TV is DVB-T2

If, on the other hand, you see nothing (black screen) or cannot find channels 100 and 200, then most likely the TV is not compatible with the new standard.

What to do if the TV is not DVB-T2?

Have you followed all the steps and found that your TV is not DVB-T2? Don’t worry, this article is primarily intended for that.

So, you have two solutions: one drastic and one less painless. You can decide whether to buy a decoder or a TV with DVB-T2. The choice is yours! Although, unless you have other needs, buying a new TV might be a tad too much.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DVB-T2?

Do you remember the transition from analogue to digital that ended in 2012? Very well, the digital terrestrial which we have all enjoyed, up to now, bore the acronym of DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting).
As you will easily deduce, this technology is nothing more than an ‘upgrade’ of the classic DVB, hence the additional abbreviation T2 (Second Generation Terrestrial).

What is DVB-T2 used for?

The new DVB-T2 standard greatly improves the quality of the video transmission and increases the transmission capacity for the same band.
The new channels proposed, in addition to the classic HD channels, have a 4K resolution.

How much does a decoder cost?

The average price of a decoder with DVB-T2 fluctuates between $15 and $50.

Now that you understand how to check if your TV is DVB-T2, you will certainly be able to use this factor to help friends and family still in need.

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