How to Backup Chats on WhatsApp

If you have changed your phone or do not want to lose data, then it is essential to know how to backup WhatsApp chats, in order to secure all messages and attachments exchanged with your contacts and have them available to be imported to a new device.

Backup WhatsApp on Android

To back up WhatsApp on an Android device, you must have an active Google account and have installed the Google Play Services application, an app used to update Google apps and the Google Play Store.

  • Open WhatsApp,
  • Tap on the three dots at the top right to open the options
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select the Chat option and enter the Chat Backup.

Under the heading Backup on Google Drive, select any option other than ‘Never.’ You can set up an automatic daily, weekly, monthly, or manual backup. If you do not have a Google account already connected, tap on Add an account when prompted and enter the credentials to log in. Finally, select Backup via to choose whether to do it only in the case of a Wi-Fi connection or also via a data connection.

Enable end-to-end encrypted backup

To activate an additional level of security, you can also encrypt your backup. Select the End-to-end encrypted backup item and tap on Activate. At this point, you have to create a password or to use a 64-digit encryption key to conclude the operation.

Make a manual backup to Google Drive

You can also choose to manually backup your chats to Google Drive whenever you want. Still going to the WhatsApp Settings under the Chat heading, open Chat Backup. At this point, tap on Backup on Google Drive, and a window will open where you can select the backup frequency. By choosing Only when I touch “Back up”, you will be able to back up the chats and WhatsApp contents by pressing the BackUp button.

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