How Does Trading Windows Licenses Work?

If you want to purchase a Windows license, you should look for a reputable specialist dealer or a software reseller. In most cases, software manufacturers are busy taking care of their core business. This includes the development of the applications and their continuous improvement.

Many manufacturers, therefore, rely on so-called software resellers, who take over the trade in the software and its licenses for them and thus represent the middleman between the buyer and the manufacturer.

The resellers who trade in Windows licenses ensure that the licenses are sold indirectly and are trained by the manufacturer regarding Microsoft’s license structure. A good Windows reseller is therefore in many cases also a consulting company with regard to the license business.

The reseller buys the required licenses from Microsoft or from a distributor and then resells the licenses to interested customers. In the software industry, resellers are also often referred to as “license dumpers.”

Where should one purchase Windows licenses?

If you look for Windows licenses on the Internet, you will notice many offers that convince with a very reasonable price. Such offers should be treated with caution, as many legally questionable licenses are in circulation.

It is advisable to purchase a Windows license key from a Windows license dealer who also offers the best possible service. Many reputable resellers offer a so-called service center, which is used to clarify questions relating to the product key.

At the same time, it is advisable to also look at the reseller’s references to assess the reseller’s environment. If you want to save money, some resellers also offer used license keys, which the seller should check for legal certainty.

Many resellers do without paper and unnecessary packaging these days, so the buyers of the Windows licenses receive the product key in digital form. To get the greatest possible security, many resellers offer a 100% money-back guarantee, which gives the buyer peace of to trade Windows Licenses

How to get a Windows license?

Software these days is rarely sold in large paper boxes containing a CD or DVD as the medium. Nowadays, you buy the desired Windows licenses from a reseller.

The reseller offers the desired software in an online shop, which should be secured by SSL encryption. If you purchase the license, the seller sends you a product key.

In most cases, the e-mail also contains instructions on how to activate the product. You should study the manual and download the software. When the download is complete, the application will ask for the license key, which you can now enter.

What types of Windows licenses resellers are there?

Since the Windows licenses are sold indirectly, there are two sales models. The seller can purchase the licenses directly from the manufacturer and then resell them, or he must choose a detour via a distributor.

At the same time, there are also resellers who not only cover the purchase of licenses. At the same time, the reseller also offers consulting services and can also help with licensing issues.

This form of reseller is often referred to as a value added reseller and often also offers a more advanced implementation. However, this form of purchasing is more interesting for large companies.

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