Here’s What to Look Out for When Buying a Used Mac

The developments in technology in recent years show again and again that an above-average level has now been reached. This makes it possible to be satisfied with the performance of an older device and achieve significant price savings. This also applies to the purchase of branded devices such as a Macbook.

Due to the very good price-performance ratio of used Macs, the Macbook Air is particularly suitable for most tasks as a used device.

We took a look at what to look out for when buying, so that you can have your dream used Mac in front of you in a short time.

The case of the MacBook

If there are scratches or even dents on the case cover or the bottom of the Macbook, the device has already been through a lot. Then you should look at the pages just as carefully. Due to the high sensitivity of the built-in technology, it is possible that every additional dent, bump, or fall of the Macbook can lead to permanent malfunctions.buying a used mac

Based on the quirks on the case, it is not possible to say directly whether it is a question of defective connections and thus hardware or the resulting system errors. The more damaged the Macbook is from the outside, the more important it is to boot up the Mac and check the functionality of the operating system.

Check the display carefully

The display of the Macbook also plays a crucial role. Especially if it is a retina screen, you can find slight to sometimes deep scratches if handled improperly. This can occur, for example, if the apartment is generally not that clean or if a clean bag was not used during transport.

It is just as problematic if the previous owner did not use a screen protector or a suitable laptop bag. With a retina display, for example, discoloration can occur selectively or over a large area.

Checking the equipment

Depending on how often the Macbook was used in the past, the signs of use can vary considerably. Discoloration of the white power cable can also occur if the device was not used in a smoking household.

If all other points show the Mac in a good light, then discoloration on the cables shouldn’t be the primary exclusion criterion. You should apply the same considerations should to other equipment that are part of the Mac sale.

Turn on Macbook

So that you can really do something with a used Macbook, it is important that you switch it on. You can already hear the error signals when booting up the iOS system. An annoying signal tone is a sign of defects in the RAMs.

The previous owner should factory reset the Mac. With this, you can be sure that you will not use memory-intensive programs as an excuse why the iOS loads so slowly. Another indication of an existing error can be a slowly loading operating system.

It should be borne in mind that the younger the used Mac is, the faster the iOS should load. Opening the web browser and entering any topic, for example, also shows how quickly and easily the desired website can load.

Start diagnostics

When purchasing, the collection is clearly preferable to shipping. If you are at the buyer’s site, you can start the self-diagnosis and let it run through if you have enough time. If you don’t know how it works, you can find out about the button function required to start the self-diagnosis on the respective model in advance.

On Macs from 2013, you can start the diagnostic system by pressing the D key during boot. Since the diagnosis takes only a few minutes, the seller should have no objections.

Where should you buy a used Mac?

In addition to eBay as the first point of contact for buying used devices, various good providers of used Macs have established themselves in recent years. Depending on the provider, there are even guarantees on used vehicles. Before you buy, be sure to take a close look at the previous customer ratings and, above all, only order online with shipping and without prior testing if the provider makes a serious impression.buying a second hand mac

Which programs should run on the used Mac in the future?

The answer to the question is one of the central ones that you should definitely ask yourself before buying a used Macbook. Because the hardware is crucial when it comes to installing new programs and updates, as well as upgrades.

If, for example, you are to use video, sound, or image programs, then a large memory and fast working memory are important. This means that used Macbooks from the years up to 2018 are not part of the purchase option.

If you are to use the Macbook Pro or Air as a second device and for research or writing, then a used Mac from 2015 or later will suffice.

Used Mac with signs of use can be the right purchase decision

Depending on the price set and the future area of ​​application, you can easily neglect one or the other quirk on the case or in operation. For this, you should ask yourself clearly before buying what your used Mac should do.

For example, if you don’t use CDs or DVDs, then it doesn’t matter to you whether the integrated DVD drive is functional. In most cases, the used Mac Air is suitable for the price-performance ratio for the used equipment market.

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