Google Ads: How to Get Efficient Ads

Want to improve your text ads with Google Ads? But you don’t know how to make it even more efficient? Sometimes, you can use just small steps to make your advertising much more appealing and attract more people to your website. We’ll tell you here which tips can make it even better to place ads with Google Ads.

What is Google Ads, and how does it work?

The advertising tool from Google allows you to place text ads based on defined keywords, which are then displayed to the user in the search results. All he has to do is enter the keyword in the search engine’s input field and can then come across your ad. Thus, Google Ads enables you to have a higher number of visitors to your website if users find your ad exciting and click on it. The cost principle of Google Ads is that you don’t pay anything as long as nobody has interacted with your ad. The more popular your search term is, the more expensive the advertisement is.

Working with Google Ads

When working with Google Ads, the structured management and administration of your account is particularly important for planning campaigns. Especially when several campaigns are running at the same time. For this, it is important to know your target groups and to use them to determine the relevant keywords. These are then, in turn, classified in the corresponding ad groups. You should be aware that your text ad will not be visible to your desired target audience without matching keywords. To find suitable keywords, you can also use Google’s keyword planner, among other things.

In this article, you can read in more detail what is important for the individual functions of Google Ads and how you should proceed step by step:

If you’re already using Google Ads, you basically know how it works. But sometimes, there are no clicks, and the campaign doesn’t go as well as expected. The prerequisite for the success of text ads is, of course, that the advertising is targeted to the target group, and the right keywords are chosen. But there are also other tips you can use to improve your Google Ads ads. We want to introduce these to you in this article.Google Ads

Google Ads: 7 useful tips for your ads

With these tips, your ads should perform even better soon.


As already mentioned, you should target your ad optimally to your target audience. But not only demographic data play an important role here but above all, the search intention. To do this, you should ask yourself the following questions: How does my target group search for products or services? Which terms are entered on Google? Do you want to find out more, buy something or get direct information about a specific business? What does it look like immediately? More like texts, pictures, or maybe videos?


Since many users have specific search queries, it is less common than only individual words are entered in the search field. Therefore, it is worth using multi-phrase keywords. If someone is looking for a nursery, they will hardly enter this word, but also the desired location. Thus, the search term plus place name is more effective than separate words and keeps costs lower.


You should also meet some editorial requirements for writing advertisements on Google Ads. There are even editorial guidelines from Google that you have to use as a guide. Basically, the first thing to do is to write correct German. If your ads do not meet Google’s guidelines, you will be shown this directly when you upload the advertising. The higher quality your ad is prepared, the more likely users will click on it. Your text should meet the following requirements:

  • safe spelling
  • understandable language
  • informative style
  • No symbols, images, or inappropriate punctuation marks
  • do not use any words written in capital letters (exception: registered trademarks) and unnecessary spaces
  • Removal of repetitions in the text ad


To get the reader of your ad to take action, you should use a clear call to action in your ad. This ” call-to-action ” (CTA) is a popular strategy for addressing someone directly and animating him or her. It should be noted here that this must fit harmoniously into the advertising text, as otherwise, it can appear clumsy and less serious. Examples of this could be prompts such as “call us” or “discover now.” Such requests motivate a lot more than a mere “More information here.” Even if you want to do without a CTA, you can also get the user to act through an active language in the ad.


Keyword placeholders are an important and useful feature. These make it possible to adapt the display to the search term entered by the user. According to this, the placeholder can automatically place keywords stored in an ad group in the ad text without creating a separate ad group for each keyword. To use this feature, code, i.e., a curly bracket, must be placed in the headline or text so that the various options for ad customization can be accessed.

If a user then uses one of your keywords in the search, this code is automatically replaced by the keyword that triggered the ad. So the user can find the ad even if he has not entered exactly one of your keywords. Of course, this function only makes sense if you have many similar keywords in your ad group.


If your ad can be restricted to a regional area, you can use Google Ads’ regional ad serving. This is because this will show your ad to a more specific group of people for whom your ad might be relevant. Also, a time adjustment can appear sensible. So you can not only limit campaigns to a certain area but also to certain days of the week and times.


With the ad extensions, you can incorporate a lot of additional information into your text ad with Google Ads. These can be, for example, an address, a telephone number or ratings, and site links. With these extensions, you have the possibility to differentiate yourself from other competitors and to stand out. Extended text ads are particularly suitable for online shops, which can draw attention to their product diversity through links and reviews and at the same time can display popular or reduced products.

Conclusion: Useful tips for Google Ads

When implementing these tips and tricks, you should always keep in mind that not every extended function may appear suitable for your individual situation. Depending on the company, you should set up the ad differently because you want to reach different target groups with it. Therefore, first, take a look at which functions work for your text ad. As a Google Ads user, you can also contact Google Support if you have any questions or problems.

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