Do You Need an Ad Blocker for Windows?

Ad blockers are available for almost every internet-enabled device – desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. But is it worth installing one on Windows? At first glance, it seems that everyone should use one. In fact, however, only 37% of all Internet users worldwide use such a program.

But nobody loves those constant pop-ups with ads that distract us from the actual content on a website. So why doesn’t everyone use one?

In fact, ad blockers also come with disadvantages and can even worsen your browsing experience. So, let’s examine in more detail whether it’s worth installing an ad blocker for Windows or not.

What is an ad blocker?

An ad blocker is a type of software that removes advertisements from a specific website. This is usually installed in the form of a browser extension, which then works automatically in the background while you are online. The software recognizes advertisements and then hides them, i.e. they are not loaded. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an ad blocker?

However, an ad blocker not only has advantages but there are also a few points that you should consider before installing it:


It offers a more user-friendly browsing experience

Some websites are so overcrowded with advertisements that it is almost impossible to access the actual content and read it without interruption. Not only is this annoying, but they also slow down page load times.

With an ad blocker, the ads will not load, allowing you to navigate the site much faster.

Less data consumption

This brings us straight to the next point. Loading ads and promotional videos sucks a lot of data. In fact, on some news sites, half of the data used is used solely for advertising!

Because of this, it seems to be taking a particularly long time for the actual content to load. If these ads are suppressed by an adblocker, the website can be displayed more quickly. In fact, it makes a difference of up to 40% or four times faster.

It prevents malware

It is not uncommon for the advertisements displayed to contain malicious links. You don’t even have to intentionally click on an ad, sometimes just wanting to click away is enough. And you’re exposing yourself to malware. This cannot happen with an ad blocker.should I buy an ad blocker


As good as this all sounds, there are also some significant downsides that you should consider that an adblock for Windows brings. This is especially true when an ad blocker is free. Here are a few things to look out for before installing:

It can compromise your privacy while surfing

Some ad blockers send your browsing behavior to a third-party server that pays them for information. This means they can track every single page you visit.

And this data is then used for advertising purposes or even online crime. However, that’s exactly what you want to avoid with an ad blocker, isn’t it?

The display of a website can be distorted

Ad blockers not only block ads on a webpage but can also clog page scripts. As a result, some important components cannot be displayed or are displayed incorrectly, functionality is impaired and navigation on the website is made more difficult or even impossible.

Free websites are often not displayed

Advertising is a very important source of income for online content creators and publishers. They use it to fund the time and expense on hardware and software they spend creating quality content for readers.

So if you use an adblocker, they don’t earn anything. As a result, these sites may ban ad blockers users entirely, or end up charging them to use their services.

Some ad blockers are paid for by advertisers

If you install an ad blocker, you may still see certain ads. This is because the ad blockers can be bought and paid for not blocking certain ads.

In addition, some ad blockers collect your data and sell it to third parties for advertising purposes.

How can you surf safely and comfortably despite an ad blocker?

While there are some downsides to using ad blockers, you can bypass some of them. Here are some possibilities:

Disable ad blocker

All ad blockers offer the option of either temporarily deactivating the software completely without removing it again or allowing certain websites so that you can use all functions. You can usually find this option in the adblocker settings.

Using a VPN

Regardless of whether you use an adblocker or not, we recommend that you always use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This creates a secure, encrypted tunnel that hides your true location and IP address.

This avoids the problem that an ad blocker could collect your data since only the data from the VPN provider is displayed. 

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