Blogger Vs WordPress: What is the Best Platform to Open/Manage a Blog?

Blogger vs WordPress: a clash of the titans when it comes to creating and managing blogs! When you decide to open your own webspace, the key question is always the same: “ How to open a blog in an easy and hyper-professional way, without spending a fortune? “. The answer – or rather – the answers are always two: Blogger and WordPress. These are two tools that allow you to open and manage blogs without much programming while still obtaining professional portals.

Well, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Which to choose? Let’s now compare the two platforms for a decisive Blogger Vs WordPress battle!

Blogger Vs WordPress: What Info on Both

First of all, let’s try to understand something more about these two tools that allow you to create excellent professional blogs. Blogger, we all know a bit about it, also because its history starts from afar. Born in 1999, it immediately became a very used platform in the 2000s due to its ease of use. Not surprisingly, the company was also bought by Google, which is the current owner. Currently, there are over 20 million blogs open within this platform, therefore a considerable number!

As for WordPress, the company was born in 2003 and is literally a CMS (Content Management System). WordPress, unlike Blogger, allows you to create much more particular and dynamic sites and blogs without transcending too complicated programming.

Blogger Doesn’t Require You to Buy a Hosting Plan but WordPress Does

Let’s start with the first difference between Blogger and WordPress. The first does not allow the purchase of hosting plans and the domain name. But what does this mean? It means that once you have chosen the platform, your site will be on the Blogger server, and you will not have to buy the space. Plus, you don’t even need to buy the domain name (i.e., your site name). This means that your blog will have Blogger itself as a subdomain (e.g., ).

With WordPress, however, you will need to purchase a hosting plan and the domain name, and only then can you install WordPress on your server and connect it to your domain. In that case, your blog will have no subdomains and will not be tied to any platform.Blogger benefits

Blogger Vs WordPress: With WordPress, You Are the Owner, With Blogger You Are Not

The advantage of purchasing domain names and hosting services also lies in the fact that this allows you to be the sole and ultimate owner of your blog. You, therefore, have complete control of the space without any limitation.

While with Blogger, also because your portal is hosted on the company’s server, the company itself owns your blog. Therefore, he can choose, for example, to close your space without asking your consent, also limiting you in customizations.

With WordPress, You Can Choose Multiple Themes, With Blogger No

Once the blog is open, you will need to choose the graphic template. With WordPress, there is a multitude of themes to choose from, both free and paid. Of course, you can also customize each theme and add other features via third-party plugins and solutions.

With Blogger, on the other hand, you have a few more limits: you have very few themes available, and you cannot vary them much. In short, WordPress wins hands down.

Blogger Vs WordPress: The Safest is Definitely Blogger

When it comes to security, Blogger is the overall winner. This is because the company itself owns your space and, therefore, is interested in protecting it. This means that if you choose to start a blog with Blogger, you won’t have to worry about managing server resources and so on because the platform will do it for you.

With WordPress, on the other hand, although several security plug-ins are provided, it will always be necessary to make a backup of the contents.

Which Do You Monetize the Most With? Both are Valid!

Considering that Blogger is a company owned by Google, this allows by default to add Google Adsense for affiliation and advertising. The same can be said of WordPress, which, in addition, also allows you to convert your blog into an e-commerce to sell your products directly. Therefore, both are very valid.Blogger Vs WordPress

Which Costs More? WordPress!

Finally, we come to the painful point of costs. At this juncture, Blogger wins as it is a totally free platform both in the opening and in the management phase. (Again, if you are satisfied with having a subdomain for your blog, otherwise you will have to buy it separately).

With WordPress, however, although the CMS is free, you will still have to manage the costs of purchasing the domain name and hosting. But there are several solutions, even inexpensive, in this regard.

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