Blog or Vlog? Which One is Better?

Blog or vlog? This is one of the questions most often asked by those who want to work online.

These communication paths have pros and cons, but these are mainly influenced by the personal goals and objectives that the blogger or vlogger wants to achieve. What is certain is that both the blog and the vlog are the masters in the online universe. But what is a blog specifically? And what does the vlogger do, conversely? Which one is better? Let’s look at it in detail.blogging or vlogging? which one is better?

What is a Blog?

Let’s start with the meaning of the name. A blog is the union of two other terms of Anglo-Saxon origin: web and log. It is a personal diary where a blogger writes and publishes content, inserts images, and sometimes even videos.

You can structure a blog for practically anything, but what distinguishes this platform from everything else is the presence of a fundamental element: a lot of text. As you surely know, Google loves sites rich in text content. For this reason, many companies or even public figures decide to open their own blog: you acquire popularity, professionalism, monetize, and above all, you position yourself very well.

The blogger, for his part, has not only the task of writing the content but also of structuring the platform. He must create an argumentative thread, define categories and tags, choose images, and above all, work on positioning on Google. In short, it is certainly not a simple job, but if done well, it can give great satisfaction!blog or vlog

What is a Vlog?

A vlog, on the other hand, is a blog made up of simple videos. Here, the textual content is missing, which is super-reduced. In the past, vlogs were structured very similarly to a blog. You had to create a site via CMS and then upload videos to different pages. However, this option was quickly truncated as it was penalizing from an SEO point of view and, therefore, from a visibility point of view. Now, vlogs are structured on specific platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, etc …

But what does a vlogger do, unlike the blogger? It’s very simple: a vlogger only creates videos, which can be of any genre and type. He then publishes them on his own YouTube or Instagram channel. The contents are practically nil, but SEO is still worked on, writing ad hoc captions optimized for search engines (especially on the so-called “red tube”).

Blog or Vlog: Which One is Better?

The answer is… it depends! The advantages of a blog are different: you can write about what you want and use it to get visibility as a company (it is no coincidence that the blog is often part of a corporate content marketing plan!). If well managed, then it can even help you invoice.

A vlog also has positive sides: as you well know, videos have always been much more usable than texts. They allow you to put your face to them, and above all, to hook more people on social networks (which is difficult with a blog). However, with a vlog, you would have to forgo the traffic to your site that would lead to a blog instead.

In short, it all depends on your goals. If you want to increase the traffic and visibility of your company site, a blog is the best option. If, on the other hand, you want to convey emotions, tell something or create an audience, you can still opt for a simple vlog!

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