5 Reasons to Buy Microsoft’s Surface Pro 8 Laptop

Microsoft’s Surface line of 2-in-1 hybrid PCs is now well established. Beautiful, powerful and nomadic, it offers many advantages. But if you are still wondering why you should go for a Surface Pro 8, here are 5 important reasons.

1. Note taking, and much more

Whether you are a student attending a lecture hall or a professional in training, taking notes simply and efficiently is essential. Running Windows 11, the Surface Pro 8 offers all the possibilities of a laptop in this area.

Whether you’re keen on the keyboard or the stylus (both optional), the Surface Pro 8 is THE solution. And to go further, the office automation solutions from Microsoft, available as an option, are there to allow you certain gains in productivity, whether it is for annotations, Powerpoint presentations, or even working on Excel tables.

2. Multimedia, sound and image at the top

The Surface Pro 8 offers optimal viewing comfort with its beautiful 13-inch screen. With its 3/2 image format perfect for your video content, its 2880 x 1920 pixels definition, which offers you an unparalleled level of detail, its Dolby Vision compatibility and its refresh rate up to 120 Hz, which brings perfect fluidity, all the ingredients are there for a top visual experience.

The sound is not left out, with its 2 stereo speakers compatible with Dolby Atmos, or even, for the most audiophiles, the possibility of connecting a good wired headset for uncompromising sound reproduction via its jack socket.

3. A 2-in-1 for creatives

Are you a creative? The Surface Pro 8 is perfect for you. It offers, as we have seen, a screen of superior quality. It also offers comfortable power, based on an 11th generation Intel Core processor designed on the Intel Evo platform and the excellent Intel Iris Xe graphics chip. If we add the data transfer speed provided by the SSD- type storage disk and the comfortable amount of RAM (up to 16 GB depending on the model), it has everything to meet the most demanding needs.

The ability to switch easily from tablet mode to laptop mode and its integrated multi-position stand also make it a versatile product and perfect for collaborative work. Quality shots are made possible by the 10 MPixel rear primary sensor. It supports 4K video and the secondary 5 MPixel face sensor.Surface 8 Pro

4. Ultra mobility at your fingertips

Very complete and powerful, the Surface Pro 8 is nonetheless extremely mobile. Weighing 898 grams on the scale, it will accompany you everywhere and will slip easily into your backpack or a small suitcase with its dimensions of 28.7 x 20.8 cm for a thickness reduced to 9.3 mm!

It is very nomadic and enduring. You can hold out until 4 p.m. non-stop before going through the charge box again. In addition to its good autonomy, it has a fast charge function that allows you to get back to work quickly. Its sturdy, anodized aluminium construction ensures you can carry it fearlessly wherever you go.

5. Top ergonomics and safety for professional and personal use

Ultra-nomadic products are sometimes criticized for insufficient connectivity, which forces them to travel with multiple adapters. None of this with the Surface Pro 8, which natively offers most of what you need in terms of connectivity and security. Regarding the first, we thus have Bluetooth 5.1 and wifi ax. Connectivity is also rich with 2 USB-C ports (with Thunderbolt 4 support ), a Surface Connect port, a headphone jack and a Surface Type Cover keyboard port.

Note that the Surface Pro 8 is also compatible with the off-screen interactions of the Surface Dial. Finally, security is available with the secure boot via the TPM chip and the unlocking by a fingerprint reader and the integrated camera compatible with Windows Hello facial recognition.

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