Write in Bold, Italics or Strikethrough on WhatsApp

Want a little whimsy in your WhatsApp messages? A few simple tags allow you to make text bold, italic, strikethrough and even change the font. Perfect to wow your contacts!

Like all instant messengers – Messenger, Signal, Telegram, Viber, etc. -, WhatsApp is designed to compose messages quickly. Logical, since it is spontaneity that takes precedence in conversations. In fact, as with other applications of this kind, no formatting option is offered by default: you can only use one character font, in Roman, period!

Still, there is a way to make text italic, bold, strikethrough, and even another font – just one, so don’t dream. How? Quite simply by using “tags.” In practice, it suffices to place special characters before and after the text to be formatted in the redaction field, without spaces, and voila: the tags disappear, and the text is automatically formatted before sending, which allows you to control the style. It is even possible to combine several enrichments in the same message, provided you have a little patience. And the technique works just as well on Android as it does on iOS.

In fact, the most difficult is still to know and memorize these famous tags. As these are special characters, you also need to know where to find them on a mobile keyboard. Again, the principle is very simple, whether you are on an iPhone or an Android device: you must switch to the appropriate mode on the keyboard or long-press on a character to display and use the available symbols, as is done for accentuated capitals, for example. 

Here are the tags to use in the WhatsApp input field to enrich your messages and amaze your correspondents.  text on WhatsApp in bold

How to make text bold with WhatsApp?

To make a word or phrase bold on WhatsApp, put two asterisks around it, * like this*. In the input area. The text automatically changes to bold before sending.

How to italicize text with WhatsApp?

To italicize text, place it between two underscores, _like this_. Likewise, the text is automatically modified in the input area before sending.

How to strike out text with WhatsApp?

To make a portion of text strikethrough, it must be placed between two tildes, ~ like this ~. Again, the input box displays the modified text before sending.

How to write in minivan with WhatsApp?

WhatsApp, by default, only uses one font for all messages received or sent. And no function is offered to change it. But it is possible to use a monospace type font where all the characters are spaced in the same way – we speak of “fixed width” – as on the typewriters of yesteryear. 

To pass a text in monospace, it must be placed between six inverted apostrophes (also called backticks ), three before and three after, “ `like this“`. The operation is more delicate – especially since one should not confuse the reverse apostrophe with another symbol such as the grave accent… -, but the result is rather pleasant. Again, the text is automatically formatted in the input area before sending.

If you don’t have the patience to type these tags on iPhone or iPad, you can also select a portion of text to highlight it and format it using the contextual menu that appears. 

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