Windows 11: How Do You Know If Your PC is Compatible?

With the arrival of Windows 11, Microsoft’s new operating system, you are legitimately asking yourself whether your PC will be compatible or not? No problem, we offer a very easy to use tool to find out in a few minutes. 

With the arrival of its new OS, it is a new era that Microsoft is opening for owners of portable or stationary PCs running its operating system, i.e., more than 85% of computers on the planet, as a reminder. You’re probably wondering if yours will be eligible and be able to receive the new version of Windows (for free, but only those running Windows 10 in its latest version will be able to migrate to Windows 11) now that it has started rolling out.

To take advantage of the great new features of Windows 11, there are indeed some prerequisites. However, according to Microsoft, more than 99% of Windows PCs currently running are compatible. There is, therefore, little chance that this will not be the case with yours.

In case of doubt, the brand provides an eligibility test tool in the form of an application, offered free of charge. WindowsPCHealthChecksetup, which provides this functionality, is available for download from Microsoft’s site.

Then just follow the instructions:

1- Download the application, then install it on your computer


2- Start the verification

Windows 11 verification

3- Get an answer in a few seconds


Note that it is then possible to obtain more information by clicking on the dedicated tab at the bottom of this pop-up above. You will get all the details about your PC health.

Simple, right?

To learn more about the prerequisites, specific requirements, and the features that will change or disappear with Windows 11, you can consult a dedicated page on the Microsoft site.

Good news if you are considering the purchase of a new computer, 100% of Windows laptops and desktops currently sold on multiple stores will be Windows 11 compatible.

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