Where to Download the Subtitles of a Movie

The web offers various subtitle sites for movies, in a particular format ( .srt file ). This system obviously applies to all files that don’t have subtitles already “engraved” in the video itself, and will automatically superimpose the text on the video with a simple drag n drop operation.what are .srt files?

What are .srt files

SRT files are text files, also readable by notepad, which are used to subtitle a video or an episode of a video, a film, an episode of a TV series and so on. There are special software for Windows and Mac that can create and edit them. They also allow teams of translators (usually volunteers) to translate the .srt files of your favorite series or movies into your preferred language.

A .srt file is organized by lines and usually has:

  • a line with the minute and second (and sometimes the millisecond) in which that subtitle appears;
  • a subsequent line with the content of the subtitle

To search for subtitle .srt files there are about ten sites in the world specializing in their distribution; 


How to use subtitle .srt files

To use subtitles in a movie video;

  1. download the VLC player, completely free;
  2. install it;
  3. open the video file with VLC;
  4. drag the .srt file you just downloaded onto the VLC video to add it.

How to search for the correct subtitle file of a video

In general, by some sort of convention on the web, many enter the subtitle filename identically as the video file is found on the internet (warning: many downloadable videos from the internet can be protected by copyright, and could bring you disguised viruses or malware). Subtitle files have the extension:


and the name of a subtitle will then be of the type


to search for the right file, replace movie-name with the name of the video file whose subtitles you are looking for, then for example to search for the subtitles of (in the example, a 1959 public domain movie starring Vincent Price, House on Haunted Hill William Castle):

House on Haunted Hill William Castle 1959.avi

you will go and look in the sites above for something like:

House on Haunted Hill William Castle 1959.srt

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