Where Mac Notes are Saved

Do you often use the macOS Notes app and now want to understand where all the notes you create are saved? You are in the right place! In fact, in the following chapter, I’ll explain in as much detail as possible where notes are stored on macOS and how to view them.

If you have iCloud enabled the notes created on the Mac will be saved on the Apple cloud and also locally on the Mac’s disk. The notes saved on the computer include texts, images, graphics, drawings, media, videos, and all other data that the app Notes allows you to archive.

Understanding where your notes are on your Mac can come in handy in several cases. For example, if you want to manually backup your notes or perhaps restore a note that was accidentally deleted.

Before proceeding and seeing in detail all the steps you have to carry out, I inform you immediately, that the procedure I am about to describe is for experienced users who can manage SQL databases.

Find Notes Save on Mac

Notes on the Mac are stored in the “group.com.apple.notes” folder, the path of the latter is as follows: “~ / Library / Group Containers / group.com.apple.notes /.

ICloud Notes is located in the following location: “~ /Library/Containers/com.apple.Notes /”.

To access the various locations, you can use the “Go” command on the Finder, here’s how:

  • Open Finder;
  • Click on the “Go” item at the top;
  • Do click on the item “Go to folder”, type or copy and paste the paths shown above;
  • Click on the “Go” button.

All the note data is inside the “NoteStore.sqlite” file. The media are in the “Media”“FallbackImages” and “Previews” folders.

To access the notes save inside the “NoteStore.sqlite” file you should also use an SQL app. It should be capable of querying the SQL database.

Various apps allow you to manage SQL databases on the Mac. Below I leave you the links to the best applications:

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