Where Can I Find My Downloads on iPhone?

Finding downloaded files, such as PDFs, on an iOS device is not immediately obvious to everyone. Before iOS 11, this was simply not possible with the pre-installed apps on an iPhone, which is why the Files app was introduced a few years ago. This one could for the first time display files and folder structures on the iPhone. However, even today, many iPhone users do not know the practical app. In this article, we will show you where your downloads are stored on iPhone and how to find them.

Where are downloads stored on iPhone?

In principle, all files on the iPhone can be displayed with the files app. If you can’t find it right away, you can type “files” in the iPhone search (swipe down on the home screen). If you accidentally deleted the app, you can download it again free of charge from the App Store.

However, despite the Files app, downloaded files are not always easy to find. This is because each browser saves downloads in a different folder on the iPhone by default. The locations of each browser are as follows:

1. Safari

Generally, downloads from the Safari browser are saved to the Downloads folder in iCloud Drive by default. Alternatively, the storage location “On my iPhone” is set. To see which download location is set or to change it, do the following:

  • Open iPhone settings
  • Tap Safari
  • Now tap on “Downloads”

Here you can choose between the “Downloads” folder in iCloud Drive or on your iPhone. To select a different folder or cloud storage, tap on “Other…”.

Tip: You can also create a separate folder for Safari downloads. To do this, simply open the Files app to the location where you want to create a folder and tap the menu at the top right (three dots). If you select the “New Folder” option, you can then give it a name and the folder will be created.

2. Chrome

By default, the Chrome browser app creates a folder called “Chrome” on your iPhone for downloads. If you want to jump straight to your downloads in the Chrome folder, you can also do this from the main menu (three dots) of the Chrome browser app. If you tap on “Downloads” here, the Chrome folder in the Files app will open automatically. The location of the Chrome browser cannot currently be changed on the iPhone.

3. Firefox

The Firefox browser app also creates one or two separate folders for downloads. Downloaded files can be found in the Files app at:

  • On my iPhone
  • “Firefox”
  • Downloads subfolder

In the Firefox app, you can find your downloads directly as follows:

  • Tap the menu button (three bars)
  • Tap Download
  • You can open, share, or delete individual files here.

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