WhatsApp Web Won’t Open? How to fix

WhatsApp Web frequently has malfunctions. It doesn’t always work perfectly, and for this reason, having methods to restore it correctly is important. In most cases, the procedures for solving the problems are quite simple.

We will look at a few ways to fix the problem.

WhatsApp Web does not open

There are several reasons why WhatsApp Web won’t open. Firstly, there could be a connection problem, or in other cases, the malfunction could be due to an antivirus blocking the program from running. At times, the problem could be due to downtime, and in this case there is little to do but wait for things to get resolved.

Obviously, each specific cause requires a different solution. If WhatsApp Web does not open, our advice is to:

  • check the Internet connection, using a better one if necessary
  • verify that the service is not blocked by an antivirus
  • check the service cookies
  • update or change your browser

In the next few lines, we analyze each of these possibilities in detail.

Check your Internet connection

Is the Internet connection working properly? This is the first question to ask because most of the time the problem can be solved simply by using a better connection. If you are unable to send a WhatsApp message from your smartphone, it means that the problem is the connection of your device. If the message is sent correctly, the problem might be in the connection of the PC.

The first situation assumes that the smartphone is not connected to Wi-Fi or does not have an active connection because you may have run out of data. The second situation indicates that there is not a correct configuration of the PC to access the Internet. In both cases, however, you need to use a better, faster, and more stable Internet connection.

Verify that WhatsApp Web is not blocked by an antivirus

If the connection is okay, the problem may be somewhere else. Such as the antivirus or software-type firewall on your PC, which blocks the connection despite being safe.

To solve this annoying problem, you have to open the antivirus management panel, enter the firewall settings and configure an exclusion for WhatsApp Desktop and for the web.whatsapp.com subdomain

After changing the configuration, WhatsApp will bypass the firewall check and you will be able to reuse the WhatsApp Web service without any problems. To do this, however, you necessarily need an IT technician to modify the firewall settings. You can also follow simple tutorials on YouTube or some websites.

Check WhatsApp Web cookies

It could have happened that you accidentally deleted the cookie which avoids having to scan the QR code each time you access it. In this case, there are no other choices but to connect again. Using WhatsApp Web, and therefore the browser, this is a situation that could happen. All you have to do is log in again.

Update or change your browser

The last piece of advice we want to show you if WhatsApp Web does not open is to update the browser you use to connect to the service in question. It should be updated to the latest version available.

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