Signal Private Messenger: The Preferred Alternative to WhatsApp

Communication over the Internet is rarely truly confidential. No matter how the owners of messengers and online services praise the reliability of their products, many of them have to provide access to the information available to third parties. Recently, WhatsApp updated its terms and privacy policy, which doesn’t sit well with many. For people who value privacy, the Signal Private Messenger app will help. It does not store data that could be transferred to someone. Also, even developers cannot get access to user correspondence.

Signal Private Messenger has received endorsements from big names like Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, and Edward Snowden, and also world’s richest man, Elon Musk.

Platform: Android, iOS

Version: 4.10.12

Requirements: Android 2.3 and above, iOS 8.0 and above

Category: Communication

Signal Private Messenger Features

Signal Private Messenger gives users the ability to exchange messages and files, make calls. Its distinguishing feature is the unprecedented security of correspondence, carried out with its help. As you know, power structures often gain access to information transmitted through similar services.

And even in those cases when they do not save the correspondence on the servers, some metadata is still usually left that allows you to determine. For example, to whom and at what time the subscriber called. Those interested can check the reliability of the program and the security status of the connection on their own. The application is open-source and available for any tests. This allowed experts from all over the world to test the product.

Signal Private Messenger Privacy

Signal Private Messenger is secure in terms of privacy. All transmitted messages, files, and calls are protected by end-to-end encryption. The archive of correspondence can only be stored on the user’s device, in case he decides to make a copy. In terms of metadata, the only thing that service owners can know is the date a particular user was online. It is the date, not the exact time. And, of course, not a list of people with whom he spoke. Signal does not require access to the user’s phone book even to determine who else has the program installed.

If a user makes a call through Signal Private Messenger, the dialed number will be hidden even from his smartwatch, which acts as a headset. Signal Private Messenger app is well known. More than five million people have downloaded the Android version alone. And one of its most famous users is Edward Snowden, who disclosed information about the total surveillance carried out by intelligence services in information networks. Snowden even tweeted that he uses Signal on a daily basis.

How to Use Signal Private Messenger

To start working with the program, you will need to specify the phone number where an SMS with a confirmation code will be sent. The application will also automatically “pull up” this code, after which you can safely use the messenger.

You can use Signal Private Messenger as the default application for working with SMS. All messages stored in the previous program are imported with one click of the corresponding button in the settings. All correspondence will be copied unchanged.

Also in the settings, there is a special function with which you can tell your friends about the new messenger. One-click – and an SMS with an invitation and they send a link to the program to the right person.Signal Messenger

The main working window of the application is initially empty. As you add subscribers, a list of chats will appear here. In order to start a conversation, you need to dial the subscriber’s number. If he has Signal installed, you can write him text messages, send audio messages, pictures from the camera or from the gallery, and other files. It will even be possible to transmit geolocation data. For example, mark the meeting point on the map. It is very comfortable.

Group Chats

The program provides the ability to create group chats. You should note that in this scenario of use, the developers do not only encrypt messages, but also the name of the group, the list of members, and its icon.

You can call the subscriber. However, this function is sometimes unstable. Sometimes the conversation goes well. But in other cases, the call does not go. The subscriber receives only a message about the missed call. And immediately, as soon as his failed interlocutor “hangs up”. This suggests that the problem is not one of the parties’ lack of access to the Internet. After all, the program detects an attempt to call.


Signal Private Messenger is developed and maintained by a small company called Open Whisper Systems of just eight people. According to the developers, their goal is to provide secure data exchange free of charge. Therefore, the program is completely free, contains no ads, and they do not monetize it in any other way. The project exists solely on grants and donations.

Signal Private Messenger is also one of the most confidential messengers today. Even the developers will not be able to decipher the correspondence and conversations. They don’t store private information on external resources. This means that they cannot transfer to anyone and under any circumstances. The program does not contain anything superfluous, and the developers do not plan to add unnecessary things. Signal also works smartly even on old gadgets.


  • high level of confidentiality;
  • simple and intuitive control;
  • low system requirements;
  • distributed free of charge;
  • does not contain ads.


  • sometimes the bell function does not work.

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