509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded: What it is and How to Fix It

An error that has a lot to tell, which suggests your site or online service is running out of bandwidth. This is a server-side problem, so it does not concern the user who accesses the service but who created it. 509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded is a very frequent error in the web, and web hosting services in particular. This error means that your site is getting too much traffic than the host can allow, depending on the server space you have purchased.

How to fix it? Web hosting companies allocate space on the server based on contractual agreements with customers, and it is, therefore, possible that the error must be notified to the service to assign more, possibly at the cost of a surcharge.how to fix 509 bandwidth limit exceeded

Practical tips to fix the 509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded error

There are some possibilities that you can play with to get around the problem, but it is often essential to contact the hosting service so that they can give you a way to put your hand to the site, since the 509 can be a blocking error and often does not give the possibility to act on no aspect, except via SSH. Therefore, first, you unblock it or have it unblocked (for example by restarting the server), then act on the site as indicated below.

Make better use of the cache

To save bandwidth, it is possible to make use of the cache. So, a setting of the same that is more restrictive and with more disk space occupied can meet a need of this type. Caching helps create a copy of your website on the user’s browser so that every time they visit the website it is loaded by the browser and not by the host servers, allowing the allocated disk space to remain intact.

Optimize images, CSS and JS files

Site files (in the site’s file system) take up most of the space on the website and consume a lot of server resources, such as images, downloads, and videos. Make sure that all files uploaded to your website are small in size and well optimized (for example by using scaling scripts ). You can also enable minify and file compression with GZIP and similar if you want.

Upgrade your hosting plan

Depending on your hosting provider, you can always upgrade your plan to increase bandwidth. You may go through further changes, but it’s worth it. Look for a reliable hosting provider with the best plan.

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