Web Design Agencies Vs. CMS Providers, Which One to Choose?

Blogging and CMS platforms such as WordPress make it possible to create your own website and online shop without any programming knowledge. These often offer free and compulsory variants of their services, with which you get basic functions or a larger selection.

Anyone who needs a website today does not have to dig deep into their pockets to get a functional and good-looking website with many features and design options. But how well does this really work without any prior knowledge or should one rather use agencies, especially for professional purposes?

CMS Providers & Web Design Agencies – Who Offers What?

A professional web design agency accompanies the planning, development and usually also permanent support for the website, which fits exactly to the specific wishes of the customer. A partly free service like WordPress cannot keep up with this individual implementation.

Here, you don’t receive any advice or executives, but only the building blocks with which you can build your own website without specialist knowledge. The advantage of this service is that it has a lower access threshold and is significantly cheaper.

No wonder many people today, whether for leisure or (semi-)professional purposes, prefer to use free or cheaper WordPress. The disadvantage of this is that your own website can only be individually designed to a limited extent. It also has to adhere to a rigid framework. A web design agency has more leeway for eye-catching and intelligent designs.web designer vs CMS

CMS platforms & web design agencies – strong together

The best of both worlds comes from agencies that don’t see the CMS providers as competition but as a platform to offer their services to. Most agencies offer both hand-made individual solutions for your own website and the development of professional designs and program elements that can be integrated into the WordPress pages. How does this look in practice?

The offer of CMS platforms

What scope does a CMS platform offer, using WordPress as an example? What do agencies have access to afterwards?

Different types of pages

You can use the WordPress kit for various websites. Initially, the platform was intended for bloggers who could fill the CMS pages with text and images. In the meantime, the range has expanded significantly. Professional themes and plug-ins make it possible to create anything from the building blocks, from company websites to online shops.

Add-ons and technical features

Such extensions include add-ons and plug-ins such as:

  • forums,
  • comments,
  • social media integrations,
  • community functions,
  • online shop systems.

Some of these extensions are chargeable, but many are also available for free.

Design options

If you create a website via WordPress, you can choose from various WordPress designs. This template is then filled with your own content. Again, there are various web designs for the free WordPress accounts and more unusual designs that you can buy.content management system

Web design agency offers for WordPress sites

Web design agencies work on these same factors and more when you hire them to improve your WordPress site.

  • They develop individual and more complex designs and programming to give a WordPress site the level of a specially designed website.
  • In addition, the agencies offer the perfection of sales systems and basic maintenance of the website. In the case of innovations in the mother platform, the customer does not have to specifically ensure that their own site remains fully functional.
  • Other services from web design agencies often also involve targeted optimization of the content and technology with regard to placement in search engine rankings (SEO).

Since agencies of this kind stand for personal advice and individual solutions, you will find exactly the things you need here to set your site apart from the competition and to be successful.


Content management systems like WordPress help us build our own website. Thanks to the modular system, anyone who wants to own an online shop, blog or company website does not need to find a web agency from start to finish.

However, web designers continue to matter, helping us to turn the basic CMS building block into something extraordinary that stands out from the basic designs that are often used. If you don’t have the money to hire an agency to create a website entirely, you can find the best solution through a combination of professional web design and CMS.

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