WatchOS 8.4 Beta is Here. What’s New and How to Install

Apple has released watchOS 8.4 Beta with Build 19S5525f! This marks the beginning of a new round of testing for the upcoming watchOS 8.4 operating system update! It will include new functionality, improvements, and bug fixes!

WatchOS 8.4 release date

Apple is expected to release a full version of watchOS 8.4 in February 2022. The next beta will most likely not be released until January 2022 because the company is taking a break from releasing software updates during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Important: Testing a beta update on a basic Apple Watch is risky. It will not be possible to roll back to watchOS 8.3 in the future. It can take several weeks until a new beta fixes potential bugs or serious performance issues!

WatchOS 8.4 Beta download

To download and install this test build, you must register your Apple Watch with the Apple Developer Program. Next, you need to download and install the watchOS 8 beta profile.

After installation, the update will appear in the Watch app on the iPhone. You can find it in the General -> Software Update section.

The update file is approximately 186 MB in size. Keep in mind that any update, including beta versions, requires:

  • The Apple Watch to be connected to a charger,
  • The battery percentage is more than 50%,
  • And the paired iPhone must be nearby!

WatchOS 8.4 Features

Apple says the beta fixes some bugs and brings improvements to the device. At the same time, the documentation on the Apple Developer platform states: “There are no new release notes available for this beta software update.” (There are no notes on the current update). Therefore, it is not yet clear what exactly the changes have affected.


You can only obtain new features, changes, or improvements during testing. Please use the contact us section and share your findings.

If you have any problems after the update, contact us to share your findings, and we will post them here.

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