Two-Factor Authentication, The Ultimate Security Technique

Adopted by most online services like Google and Facebook, two-factor authentication greatly enhances the security of personal data. Faced with the vulnerability of passwords, this two-step verification method helps counter hackers. Find out how two-factor authentication works and why it’s important to enable it.

What is double authentication, and what is it for?

Two-factor authentication is a security protocol used in many online sites and applications. It’s also known as two-step verification, double authentication, or more simply 2FA.

In addition to the password, it adds an additional authentication step to strengthen the security of an account and protect its private or professional data. To grant access to a user, two-factor authentication requires a second proof of identity. It can be an SMS with a code, a physical security key, or an authentication application.

Extremely effective against hacking, this security technique prevents an intruder from accessing a user’s account even after having hacked his password. You can even add a third factor from a smartphone, laptop, or touchscreen tablet.

How does two-factor authentication work?

Two-factor authentication is mainly set up in messaging, cloud, and social media services like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and does Two-Factor authentication work

In the case of an Apple and iCloud account, you can activate it directly in the settings of an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Two-factor authentication methods are numerous and work in different ways.

SMS authentication

This method generates a one-time code sent by SMS to the user’s smartphone. You can only use it for a short time. It is the first form of authentication in online banking.

Authentication application

Authentication applications like Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator generate codes that change at regular intervals. To work, you must associate them with your accounts. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are examples.

Phone call

With this method, the user has to provide their phone number and receive a call to get an authentication code. He can then enter the numbers and connect to a site.

Biometric authentication

A recent method, biometric authentication, requires user identification by facial, digital, or voice recognition. First exclusive to smartphones, the fingerprint sensor is available on the latest generation of laptops and touch tablets.

The secure USB key

It is the ultimate method of two-factor authentication. You have to insert the physical security key into the USB port of a computer. After synchronizing your account and password, identification happens automatically each time you insert the USB key.

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