Top 10 FTP Clients for Android

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) clients for Android are tools that allow you to communicate with a remote server to download or upload files. The exchange of files by FTP is an activity that is normally carried out from a computer and is usually associated with the administration of computer systems. Although it can also come in handy if you manage a web page -or any other online service- and want to make changes to your server directly from your mobile.

In the specific case of Android, there are many file explorers that allow you to connect to servers via FTP. However, they lack many basic functionalities that you can’t find in dedicated FTP clients. Is there an alternative similar to Filezilla on Android?

The best FTP clients for Android of the moment

One of the great qualities of FTP clients for Android is that, just like their counterparts for PCs –such as the aforementioned Filezilla-, they have encryption tools that help protect your data from possible external hacks. Something essential if you are managing critical or especially delicate files. These are some of the most prominent.

1. Admin Hands

Admin Hands is the most complete and best-rated advanced FTP client you can currently find on Android. It allows you to do a lot of things:

  • SSH terminal connections,
  • Supports TELNET, SFTP, FTP, and HTTP protocols,
  • Secure and encrypted administrator password (AES-256)
  • Remote script execution, among other features.

With Admin Hands, you can also perform mass actions, such as downloads, uploads, or batch executions. It also includes a keyboard with special characters and a tool to ping servers. It’s actually more of a multifunction tool for sysadmins than an actual FTP client, but it’s definitely worth the money.

2. Turbo FTP client & SFTP client

An FTP client with an attractive and up-to-date interface, very similar in appearance to that of a common file explorer. Once you log in, you can access the list of files and folders on the server, from where you can upload or edit files.

Turbo FTP:

  • Supports passwords and private keys for SFTP connections,
  • It has a small editor,
  • It offers support for root and encryption in sending passwords.Turbo FTP client

3. Total Commander (FTP Plugin)

Total Commander is one of the best file explorers you can find on Android. To use it as an FTP client, you have to install a plugin called « FTP Plugin for Total Commander «.

This complement or plugin adds new features that allow you to establish connections with FTP and FTPS servers (secure transfers over SSL). Total Commander developers also have an additional plugin for those who need to make SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) connections. All of these add-ons are highly valued by the community, so if you already have the browser installed with these extras, you will also be perfectly covering your FTP needs.


4. Web Tools: FTP, SSH, HTTP

Multifunctional tool oriented to the management of web pages. The application includes:

  • An FTP/SFTP client to transfer files,
  • An HTTP tester,
  • A tool to check the stability of the site, source code editor, Telnet client, SSH, and some other extra features.

An application suitable for system administrators, developers, and professionals that offers something different from the typical FTP client in the Google Play Store.

5. Unix Admin

Unix Admin is an app to manage Unix systems remotely from your mobile. It works as FTP, SFTP, FTPS client, SSH client, Webdav and Telnet . It has all the basic options like rename, edit, copy, delete, etc. Supports the use of OpenSSH passwords and private keys. It also allows you to operate between passive/active mode and explicit/implicit mode for FTPS.

In short, a very complete tool that you can take full advantage of if you work as a network or server administrator. It is free, but it has a more complete version without ads and with more features.

6. PowerFTP

FTP, FTPS, and SFTP (SSH) client with which you can manage multiple servers simultaneously.

  • It offers split-screen mode,
  • You can load shell commands,
  • Edit files can,
  • Automatic folder synchronization,
  • File upload and download,
  • It also allows you to edit permissions remotely.

It is not a perfect client, but it does work better than many other similar apps you can find in the Play Store.

7. eFTP

eFTP, also known as Easy FTP Client, is a remarkable FTP client for Android, with an attractive interface, easy to use and full of features. However, it has a big limitation. That is, in its free version, it only allows you to transfer a maximum of 3GB of data (which is probably the reason for its low rating in the Play Store). In some cases, it may be more than enough if you only use the app to upload or modify some other file of little weight, although for other users it may fall short.

The application supports the exchange of files via a Wi-Fi connection, something that is not always available in this type of tool, which is appreciated. It also allows the simultaneous upload and download of several files, pause transfers, and the creation of password-protected ZIP archives.eFTP

8. AbyssFTP

This little-known FTP client has a fairly positive assessment by the Android community, although it is a fairly old app that has not received updates since 2011. That does not mean that (leaving aside a slightly outdated interface) you find yourself with a complete app to manage your server.

Supports FTP and FTPS connections (implicit and explicit) and downloading/uploading files recursively. You can also open files, rename them, delete them and change their permissions remotely without too many complications.

9. AndFTP

Although its interface is a bit outdated, AndFTP is one of the most popular alternatives when it comes to FTP clients for Android. The application supports FTP, SFTP, SCP, and FTPS protocols over SSL/TLS (explicit and implicit).

Once you are connected to the host, you can upload files, download, delete, rename, edit, and other typical functions you can find in a desktop client. You can also change the permissions of folders and files, in addition to synchronizing folders. In short, a complete program.

There are currently 2 versions of AndFTP:

  • A free one that doesn’t allow you to sync folders and includes some ads,
  • A premium version that removes these 2 limitations for $4.99.

10. FTPCafe FTP Client

A simple but tremendously effective client, very much in line with AndFTP. It supports FTP, FTPS (FTP over explicit and implicit SSL), and SFTP (FTP over SSH). When making the connection to the server, it allows the login using a password, RSA/DSA OpenSSL, or with a ConnectBot private key.

As for its features, with FTPCafe:

  • You ​​can transfer multiple files and folders,
  • Pause or rename transfers,
  • Download,
  • Delete files and more.

The application is free with ads, although you can also switch to the paid pro version for just over $4 if you see that the app satisfies you and you put it to good use.

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