Tips to Prevent Cyber Attacks on Your Smart Car

Technology covers all fields including the automotive sector. Cars are increasingly more advanced and those that do not contain a multitude of devices are actually a technological device in their entirety. A smart car is susceptible to attacks from cybercriminals.

Protect your smart car from cyber attacks

It is not the first time that we have heard that a very advanced high-end car has been hacked with different results. From being able to open and close your car remotely to being able to control it and direct it to a certain place. To avoid this type of situation you must follow a series of recommendations. Below we will tell you what you can do to avoid being a victim of these attacks by echoing interesting information shared by Upstream, a company related to mobile cybersecurity.

Watch your smart car keys

The highest incidence of attacks is recorded by the “ keyless ” system or access without keys. Last year of the registered incidents, 47% of these were due to this type of attack. Therefore, to avoid problems, we must always watch the keys of your vehicle. It is advisable to use them manually in places that are not safe or are very crowded, such as public car parks. The remote control signal is easy to copy and therefore replicate. To protect them, you can also make use of space bags that prevent duplication.protect your smart car from hacker attacks

Update your software

The rest of the attacks users face fall into several categories. They include:

  • attacks on servers with 17%,
  • mobile applications with an incidence of 6%,
  • 4% we for other types of attacks that include the motor units, the infotainment systems and the communication ports between control units.

A solution to tackle this problem is to keep the software updated. With the different updates, you solve vulnerability problems and close security gaps.

Disconnect Bluetooth and WiFi Connections

Another gateway can be the peripherals that we connect both to the USB and to the OBD2 communications port, used for diagnosing our vehicle. Knowing its location and if there is something connected can prevent you from many problems in the future. Finally, a minimum percentage of the attacks suffered are through Bluetooth communication systems. It is important to take some aspects into account.

First of all, you must be aware of the technological tools and the dangers that the onboard computer faces. Be very careful and turn off all the devices you are not using. These can be the gateway for cybercriminals. Always disconnect the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections, when they are not necessary. Also, avoid downloading apps from unknown sources that may contain malware. With these simple tips, you can keep cybercriminals at bay and avoid future problems with your smart car.

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