Tips for Choosing the Best Tech Christmas Gifts

Christmas is fast approaching, and you want to give the best tech Christmas gifts? Yes, but what should you offer to grandparents, grandchildren, mother-in-law or her spouse? Here are 5 little tips to make sure you don’t miss out and make sure you please.

1. Survey the field

Rather than wanting to surprise at all costs and risk making a mistake, try to get the person to whom you want to give a gift to speak – when possible. Ask them about what they love to know the best tech Christmas gifts to buy.

For example, your spouse is passionate about photography? Point out to her that it’s been a while since you last saw her with her hybrid camera in hand, maybe she’ll drop some clues, like “my memory card is full, I have to empty “, or even” my tripod sucks, that annoys me “. And presto, here are two gift ideas, an external hard drive or a new faster and larger memory card to save your photos or a new tripod.

2. Adapt your gift to the person who will receive it

Giving a wired headset to someone who has an iPhone 13 Pro or Galaxy S21  is not very timely, the latter lacking jacks. Instead, opt for a Bluetooth headset or even better wireless headphones, very popular at the moment.

Likewise, there is no need to opt for an ultra-sharp camera to offer it to a person who simply wants to take pictures from time to time without fuss. He risks remaining in a closet. In short, think about the use that will be made of it when choosing your gift. Do not select it as if it should suit you, but rather the person to whom you are giving it. Just because you prefer Android tablets doesn’t mean you can’t gift an iPad to an Apple fan!

3. Don’t wait for the last days!

Honestly, it never happened to you to wait until the last week of December to do your Christmas shopping. It puts you at risk of ending up with a reduced choice at your disposal. The key risk will be making a default choice which is more likely to be deceptive.

Not to mention that the closer you get to the fateful date of the 24th, the more you risk being helpless in the event of a shortage or delivery problem.

4. Avoid gifts that are too “marked”

The purple helmet that makes you crack will not necessarily be to the taste of the person to whom you are offering it. It may end up on a resale site for gifts the day after Christmas! Likewise, pink is no longer necessarily an odor of sanctity with our modern little girls, not to mention mothers who are often more and more resistant to this gender marker.

If the classic colors (black, white, gray) are popular with manufacturers, it is not out of personal desire. It is simply because they are the ones that consumers often end up buying, even when they find this ultraportable. blue “so pretty”!

5. Quality rather than quantity!

We often tend to offer several small gifts, sometimes chosen in a hurry. Rather than giving lots of unnecessary little gifts, focus on a single more qualitative one, while staying – roughly – within the budget you have set for yourself. You will see that you will have a lot more chances to please!

You can also consult with other members of your family – or other friends – and together buy the gift of their dreams that was previously beyond your reach. And rather than opting for a standard gift package, why not personalize it with a creation of your own (there are thousands of suggestions on the net) or, even cuter, personally in your gift. And that is always fun!

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