The Best Places to Download “Squid Game” Wallpapers

“The Squid Game” has become Netflix’s most-watched premiere to date. This Korean series tells the story of hundreds of people with financial problems who agree to participate in a survival game in exchange for a millionaire prize.

A series that has become a trend in a matter of weeks, as shown by the 7,800% increase in sales of Vans shoes – the same ones that the participants in the game wear – in recent weeks. At this point, it is clear the series will produce the most popular Halloween costume this year, so if you want to be original, you already know what you don’t have to dress up that day.

The best wallpapers and illustrations of “The Squid Game”

In any case, if you are a follower of the series and want to personalize your desktop computer or mobile phone with a good wallpaper of “The Squid Game” you just have to take a look at some of the websites that we link below.


ArtStation is a platform where graphic artists from all over the world can exhibit their illustrations, with the option to buy printed editions in case you like any of their works.

Currently, you can find hundreds of illustrations of Squid Game, from pictorial styles, photorealistic or anime types. The quality is also always excellent, from FullHD up.

View Squid Game wallpapers on ArtStation

Artstation squid game wallpapers


Zedge is another of those repositories that cannot be missing from the list. If you are looking for wallpapers for the new Netflix series, here you will find a lot of quality material. Of course, all the wallpapers are designed for mobile phones.

View Squid Game wallpapers on Zedge

Zedge wallpapers


Finally, we cannot forget Reddit, a whole well of content that also has some subreddits dedicated to sharing high-quality wallpapers, both for mobile and PC.

In this sense, you should not lose sight of the / r / phonewallpapers and / r / wallpaper forums. Although users have just started uploading things from “The Squid Game” just a few days ago we can already find several wallpapers to download, some of them quite interesting.

Reddit Squid Game wallpapers

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