The Benefits and Disadvantages of Hybrid Mobile Apps

In this article, we will look at the pros and cons of hybrid mobile apps.

Mobile applications have become a convenient sales channel and communication with the client base. All modern taxi services, food delivery, banks and many other companies have their own application. Installed on a potential client’s smartphone, it opens the door to a quick purchase of services and goods, and also increases customer loyalty, as it allows you to resolve your request as soon as possible.

Therefore, an increasing number of businesses are thinking about developing their own mobile application. There are reasons to do this:

  • You will get a new channel of communication with customers.
  • You can increase your sales.
  • The database of the target audience will increase: by setting up analytics in the application, you will be able to learn about the habits of your users.
  • Customer loyalty will increase.

But what application to develop? They are divided into native and hybrid. The latter is rapidly crowding out all other types of applications from the market.advantages of hybrid mobile apps

What should you know about hybrid mobile apps?

Hybrid mobile apps are programs that can run on multiple operating systems. They have these advantages:

  • High development speed. It is achieved due to the fact that the application code for different platforms is up to 70% the same.
  • Lower development cost. Developers spend less time creating an application.
  • Convenient quick update of the program for all platforms at once.

The disadvantages of hybrid applications include:

  • Crashes when working without a network connection. They occur rarely, but still more often than native applications.
  • Fewer opportunities to optimize UI/UX for each specific platform.
  • The download speed of applications is slightly slower than native ones.

Hybrid applications can be developed on different frameworks. The most popular at the moment is React JS. Its advantages include a developed community and a large library of ready-made solutions. In addition, this framework is intuitive even for those who previously developed only native applications. As a result, the developer gets a convenient tool for working with a large community, ready to answer all questions that may arise during development.

Where to order the development of a hybrid mobile application?

If you need to develop a cross-platform application, you will need a development team. You can hire programmers on staff, but this decision is not always justified. If you need a working application that will cover the needs of the company and at the same time will not require frequent updates, you can contact experts

React JS development is one of the common specializations of various companies. They are ready to create a hybrid mobile application for your company, taking into account all the features of your business. Experts will analyze the needs of the company and the tasks that the application will have to perform, create a project and draw a design before starting development. At all stages, you will be able to make your changes and give recommendations to a team of programmers

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