Switch Instagram Advertising Correctly: This is How it Works

The importance of social media for companies is undisputed these days. Because social platforms allow you to come into contact with a large number of people, interact, and communicate about important or current information. Instagram, in particular, has now grown into one of the most important social networks. Therefore, this channel is also becoming increasingly important for companies to reach the relevant target group. This works particularly well with advertising or Instagram ads. In this article, we explain how you can place an ad on Instagram and what you should pay attention to.

Why you should advertise on Instagram

If you have already set up an Instagram account for your company, this is a step in the right direction. Especially if you regularly update this account with the latest content. Because your profile is only relevant for others if they receive contributions with added value there. You can try to achieve a high reach organically, but the support of ads is often beneficial. With successful Instagram advertising, you can reach even more people and present your products or services. If you’re starting with Instagram ads and want to get started on Instagram properly, the following steps will help you run a great ad.

What is the cost of Instagram advertising?

But first, you want to know what the cost of an ad on Instagram is. That essentially depends on you. Because you only pay what you set as a budget beforehand. Basically, the average cost per click for advertising on Instagram is between 63 and 72 cents. But these costs depend on completely different factors and vary from case to case. For example, the costs differ between the previously selected target groups or the day of the week. We’ll tell you below how to set your budget and what the various options look like.

Switching Instagram Ads Correctly – A Guide

You can run Instagram ads in two different ways. On the one hand, you can publish your ad directly via the Instagram app or, on the other hand, via the Facebook ad manager. For both, however, you have to pair your Instagram account with your Facebook account.

If you want to advertise via the Instagram app, you need a company account. If you already have one, it is really easy to advertise. Because the ads here consist of your previous posts in your profile. When you have selected one of your posts, you can use a button to select different options for your ad.

  • Advertising target
  • target group
  • Customization of the button
  • budget
  • running time

After this setting, you are already done and have placed your ad.

If you want to design your advertising through the Facebook Ad Manager, you have many more options in designing your ad. Here you can also place completely new ads that are independent of your posts. That is why we want to explain to you in detail how an ad is placed via the ad manager so that you are informed about all the possibilities for advertising on Instagram.


You also have to connect your company account on Instagram to the one on Facebook via the Facebook ad manager. This is elementary here, as you can now use the manager in Facebook to design your ad. Once you’ve done this, you now need to create a campaign. So the first thing you will be asked to do is choose a campaign goal. Possible goals include increasing brand awareness, increasing reach, generating more traffic, or generating more interaction.


In the second step, you have to define a target group. Here you enter the mandatory demographic data and the interests of your target group, whether they have already been on your site or have visited similar sites. Facebook offers you a brilliant search filter here so that your ad is then displayed to exactly the right people. You should therefore know your target group as precisely as possible to keep the wastage relatively low.


Here you have to think about where your ad should be visible. If you choose to run ads automatically, Facebook will decide exactly where your ad is best placed so that the right users can see your ad. However, then Facebook will also decide that your ad will appear on Instagram and Facebook.

On the other hand, if you select the “Edit placement” option, you can set manually that the ad should only be placed on Instagram.


In the next step, you can now set your budget. There are basically two options:

  • Daily budget
  • Total budget

You can also specify the times of the day your Instagram advertising should appear. The ad manager then only needs a set period of time, and you can start designing your ad.


The prerequisite here is that you enter a Facebook page with which your advertising is linked. Once this is done, you can choose a suitable format for your ad. There are many different formats that each pursue different campaign goals.

  • Stories Ads: Ideal and creative format for time-limited offers and promotions.
  • Photo Ads: Attractive presentation of products or services.
  • Video Ads: Transport of emotions and increased advertising recall.
  • Carousel Ads: Telling a multi-part story and presenting multiple articles.
  • Collection Ads: direct marketing in combined photos and videos

When you have decided on a format, you insert the pictures or videos, text a crisp advertising text, which ideally includes a call-to-action, choose the desired payment method and complete your design. Then you have successfully placed your ad, and nothing stands in the way of properly advertising on Instagram.Instagram advertising

Tips and tricks for successful Instagram advertising

You finally want to advertise properly on Instagram? However, there are a few more important tips to keep in mind for a good ad. Because technically designing an Instagram advertisement is not particularly difficult, but knowing how to address your target group better is what makes it successful.


If you know your target audience well, you will respond much better to their interests and preferences with your ad. In this way, you can generate attention more quickly and optimize the range much faster.


The text in your ads must be short and sweet. This is because the user is much more likely to stumble over a long text. Most users hardly have the time or inclination to deal with advertising actively. Therefore, you should rely more on pictures or videos, as this is how you make yourself noticeable in the first place. Write your texts very actively and use call-to-action to animate the reader afterward.


The importance of hashtags is often underestimated. In doing so, they can be really helpful in finding your content. They increase the reach and, above all, belong to certain industries. You can gain a huge advantage by creating your own branded hashtag. If this is then used by others, this leads directly to your profile.


Use the interactivity of the social network. If you react to comments or messages, you can gain important followers and thus increase your reach. Also, your brand comes alive and becomes even more interesting for your followers.


So that you can advertise properly on Instagram and your followers recognize you, you should always stay true to your design. Mainly because you are building a certain brand image and offering customers orientation. This not only affects your pictures and videos but also the tonality of your texts and the message behind them.


That being said, you should always be creative and try new things within your identity. If users keep seeing the same ads over and over, they scroll over them. Therefore, you should always keep your eyes open for new ideas.


Rely on trends because with these, you will remain attractive to your target group. A trend in 2020 is primarily the use of videos. These are currently in great demand when it comes to conveying emotions and feelings. You should, therefore, use these advantages for your ads.

Conclusion: Advertise correctly on Instagram

If you follow all of this information, tips, and instructions, nothing stands in the way of a successful advertising campaign. In general, you shouldn’t close yourself off to any trend. Social platforms and the conditions there change as quickly as the people who use them. Therefore, be attentive and creative when designing your Instagram advertising.

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