Should I Buy a Refrigerator With One Compressor or Two?

The compressor is the heart of any refrigerator. The speed and quality of cooling depend on it. There are models with one compressor, while others have two. The number is indicated in the specifications. At the same time, there is still no consensus on which refrigerator is better. And all because each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. We will tell you about them, and you will determine for yourself which is best for you.

Refrigerators with one compressor: Advantages and Disadvantages

Simple classic design: most of these are on the market. One compressor works simultaneously for the refrigerator and freezer. This is the main drawback: as a rule, you cannot turn off only one of the branches.

single compressor refrigerator
single compressor refrigerator

There are models in which the refrigerator compartment is still turned off (the design provides for an electromagnetic valve that blocks the flow of freon). But the freezer can not be turned off for sure.

As a result, if you go on vacation, leaving only the freezer compartment on with only one compressor is likely to fail. You will have to completely turn off the refrigerator when defrosting (if a “fur coat” has formed), and simply to wash the internal surfaces.

What about merit? It is clear that the simpler the design, the more reliable the equipment. Single-compressor models are much simpler, and therefore the chance of breakdowns is lower. Plus the difference in price: an additional motor adds about 20% more to the cost.


  • Less chance of breakage
  • Below cost
  • More choice of models


  • Can’t disable one section

Refrigerators with two compressors: Advantages and Disadvantages

In such models, different motors are used to cool the refrigerator and freezer. So you can turn off the freezer, take your time to defrost and wash it, and then turn it on. It’s easier with holidays. The refrigerator compartment should be freed from food, turned off, and food may remain in the freezer.

dual compressor refrigerator
dual compressor refrigerator

There is one more thing: for example, if you came from the store and loaded a lot of “warm” products into the refrigerator, the two-compressor model will quickly restore the normal temperature in the chambers. The same goes for just intensive use: when you open the doors often, the temperature inside rises, and it takes time to lower it again.

Two-compressor models are louder because they have two motors. In general, the logic is clear, but usually smaller compressors are used for such equipment. And the smaller the unit, the less noise it makes. So the noise level can hardly be attributed to the disadvantages of such refrigerators.

And what about reliability? Yes, the design here is more complicated, and there are two motors: it means that the probability of breakdown is higher. True, in the event of a breakdown, you will not be able to use only one compartment. For example, if the compressor responsible for the freezer fails, you can transfer the products to the refrigerator compartment and wait for the master. If you had a single-compressor refrigerator, you would actually be left without it.


  • Only one camera can be disabled
  • In the event of a breakdown, one of the cameras will work


  • More chance of breakage
  • Higher price (about 20%)

Which refrigerator is better: single or dual compressor?

So all the same: which model to choose? As you can see, different refrigerators do not have any decisive advantages. Our recommendations are as follows.

A refrigerator with one compressor is suitable for small families who do not use it very intensively (therefore, it is also infrequent to wash or defrost). If price is the main factor for you, this is definitely your option.

A refrigerator with two compressors is worth buying if there are a lot of family members, doors open frequently, and new products are loaded regularly. Be prepared that such models are not the most budgetary.

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