My Phone Keyboard Disappeared! How to Solve the Issue on Android

An Android keyboard is like a human language. It makes it possible to register a message. For the application, it is # 1 in the form of instant messengers and social networks. So losing it on a glitched phone is like going numb or falling through the ground. This article provides a detailed analysis of how to fix the keyboard and why it disappears. 

Why does my Android keyboard disappear?

The root of all evil lies in three reasons:

  1. Malfunctioning keyboard program.
  2. Errors in the OS, due to which it is problematic for the program to start.
  3. An application that is out of tune with the others.

How do I get the keyboard back on my phone?

You can use different methods to get it back. Depending on the reason, one of the following will probably work:

1. Update the application

You will have to check the existing updates in the Play Store and download the new version of the application.

2. Restart the phone

It would help to restore the issue if there was a minor glitch. This is done in two steps: the side key is clamped, and the point to restart the device is selected.

3. Clear CACHE

When the memory is full, OS malfunctions are inevitable. You can clean it manually using the app menu in the settings by selecting the desired program and clicking “clear cache.”

4. Track and disable the problematic application

To do this, step by step delete what was installed around the dates when the keyboard began to fail.

5. Reinstall the program files that were damaged. 

Disable the application through the menu in the settings, and then download it again from the Play Store.

Resetting to factory settings can be a drastic but effective method. Resetting is done in the settings menu using the “Return to factory settings” button.

Choose default keyboard

A specific keyboard may refuse to function. You can troubleshoot problems by installing another application, such as Gboard. Go to settings. In the menu, go to “Language and input,” find the keyboard, click on it, choose the installed keyboard and save changes.

Find a conflicting application

Among the variety of apps, it is difficult to find an application that interferes with the launch of the keyboard. You can use a trick and sort all options by date in the settings. This data will allow you to pick up the last one you installed, which helps you know what affects text input.

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Select the Applications menu.
  3. Set filter “by date.”
  4. Select a date before there were input problems.
  5. Among the issued applications, delete each one, checking if the keyboard has begun to work correctly.

To avoid such problems more often, we advise you to use the default keyboard on your device.

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