My Laptop Has No Ethernet (LAN Cable) Port Solution

It could happen that your computer and in particular the laptop does not have an Ethernet or LAN Cable port to connect to the office or home network cable. In addition to being able to add a port, you may need to split your computer’s Ethernet outputs.

This is a common challenge most people using the latest generations of laptops or PCs face. Worry not because we give you solutions to how you can connect a LAN cable to your laptop or other PC that does not have an ethernet section.

USB to Ethernet LAN adapters

The solution to your problem is really simple and you just need to buy a USB to Ethernet LAN adapter in order to add the port you need without having to change computers or make exaggerated changes.

With these adapters, you will be able to add the Ethernet LAN port in a second simply by connecting it to the first free USB to connect ethernet cable to a Laptop with no ethernet port

USB Type-C to Ethernet LAN adapters

Most new laptops have a USB Type C port. You can use it to connect a USB Type-C to Ethernet LAN adapter and maybe save the USB output to connect other useful peripherals.

As for the other adapter, simply connect it to the free Type C output, wait for the new device to be recognized and connect the LAN network cable to start surfing the internet.USB C to ethernet adapter

Why do most laptops lack ethernet ports?

Most new generations laptops have a slim design, which is quite thinner compared to an ethernet port height. Due to this reason, most new generation laptops lack an ethernet port. Most people use WiFi, so there is no need for this port.

How to login to your router settings if you lack an ethernet port on your laptop or PC

This is quite different from the main topic, but one of the common uses of an ethernet cable is to access router settings using your PC. Maybe you want to change your WiFi password, username, or even block other users but can’t do this comfortably because your laptop lacks an ethernet port. You can do this easily if you have a smart TV. Most smart TVs have an ethernet port. To access your router settings:

  • Connect your TV to your WiFi router using an ethernet (LAN) cable,
  • Login to your smart TV’s web browser,
  • Login to your router with the common login IP. You can type this in the address bar. Most routers use as the common login IP,
  • Key in the username and password before accessing the settings you need.

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