MateBook 16s: Price and Performance?

The Chinese firm HUAWEI has just unveiled a new state-of-the-art laptop. Here is an article that presents the MateBook 16s in its entirety. You will find all the information on the MateBook 16s Price and performance of this machine. So let’s go!

The price of the MateBook 16s

The MateBook 16s sells at a very affordable price. With all the features it has, this machine must cost some training! But such is not the case. These models are sold at a price of $899. You’d better buy a MateBook 16s ASAP because the price may change over time. Here are its different features and performance levels.

A screen at the top

The screen panel is bright enough. So you can use your computer under the hot sun. There will be absolutely no problem working under the hot sun. The MateBook 16s gives you a 16mm display with Full HD at 137 PPI. What makes it even more aesthetic is its occupancy rate. It goes up to 90%.

In addition, the screen of this laptop is certified against blue light. You, therefore, run no risk of damaging your eyesight when working on your machine. You will not hurt yourself in the evening or during the day when you are working. But you will also have to be careful. But you have to adjust the brightness of the screen to get the most out of it.

The other advantage of the screens of the MateBook 16s is that it is smoked. In other words, it does not refract blue light. If you have lights behind you in the office, these should not prevent you from working. Your screen will not project the light rays on your eyes.

State-of-the-art cooling

Under your MateBook 16s laptop, you will find the frame reserved for ventilation and ventilation. It consists of two different high-performance fans. They are arranged on either side of the ends of the computer. They don’t make as much noise when running. You can use your windows 10, 11 or wifi 6 safely.

A very autonomous battery

With its 55wh battery, the MateBook 16s guarantees you use for around 9.5 hours. During this time, you can carry out tasks of all kinds. For example, you can play video games, watch series, etc. It is also very compatible with the configuration of the machine. The latter contains an internal hard drive of 512 GB and 12 GB of RAM. All this for a price of $899.

Interconnection with other devices

HUAWEI forms a digital universe today. All devices can interconnect with each other. You will certainly have already tested the Huawei share feature if you have a HUAWEI mobile phone. Indeed, it is a function that makes it easier to connect devices. Well, it works with the MateBook 16s. Here’s how it works.

You can install two different user profiles on your machine. When you contact your laptop to the computer, the screen of the phone is displayed directly on that of the MateBook 16s with all the movements. So you can answer your texts while working.

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