LG Gram 17: The Laptop that Boosts Your Productivity with Lightness

Don’t you want to choose between a large screen and a light footprint for your laptop? The LG Gram 17 is the ideal device! We have tested this imposing computer for you in terms of size and performance… despite its light weight.

Only a few “Grams”

It’s quite simple: among the computers in its category – 17-inch laptops – the LG Gram 17 is the lightest! With its 1350 grams, we can say that it is featherweight. The frame around the screen as well as the chassis are reduced to their union minimum.

This compact design gives this large computer all the convenience of a small one. A truly nomadic work companion, the LG Gram 17 slips into your bag in the blink of an eye and lets itself be forgotten on the go, whether it’s for your daily commutes or your long trips.

A 16:10 screen that sees big

Another originality of this LG laptop: its 17-inch screen adopts a 16: 9 ratio (against the usual 16: 9 format). The advantage of this format: it puts 11% more visual surface at your disposal. This asset is particularly useful when you are working in “multitasking” and you need to have an eye on several windows at the same time. In addition, the monitor displays a resolution of 2,560 by 1,600 pixels, twice the Full HD typically found on PCs of this size.

This definition maximizes the readability of all your content, whether it is text, photos, or videos. Finally, creatives will appreciate the DCI-P3 99% (Typ.) Color technology, which offers a very wide range of colors ideal for graphic editing and design.LG Gram 17 laptop

Control at your fingertips

The screen is not the only one to see wide: the touchpad follows the same path by adopting an unusual 16:10 ratio, but very practical in use because it offers a larger surface. This ratio gives you enough to control your computer easily, even without a mouse. The keyboard also offers extra-large keys with reduced thickness, to accelerate and optimize typing while limiting muscle fatigue.

Finally, the on/off button of the PC includes a fingerprint sensor, to unlock your machine (literally) with your fingertips, in complete safety. The LG Gram 17 laptop aims to increase your productivity!

A processor that goes all the way

Without being satisfied with its small size and ergonomics, the LG Gram 17 also has it in its belly, thanks to the power of an eleventh generation Intel Core processor, associated with an Intel Iris Xe graphics chip. This combo turns out to be a winner and offers excellent performance for both productive activities and video games.

With 16 GB of onboard RAM and an SSD particularly swift, this PC is going away with you … And, throughout the day, with a long battery autonomy of 80 Wh!

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