LCD or OLED – Which Display is Better?

With LCD and OLED, users have two powerful technologies at their disposal for beautiful, sharp images. LCD is the classic model that has been the measure of all things in terms of image resolution for generations. But the innovative alternative OLED is becoming increasingly popular.

How LCD works

The acronym LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display, which translates to liquid crystal display. The system depends on a light source that shines through the system of two panes of glass, while the spiral-shaped liquid crystals and the induced electrical voltage allow the light to be turned in any direction.

In conjunction with an RGB color wheel, which can be used to generate any desired color, colors and contrasts on LCDs from suppliers such as Display Visions can be adjusted to the desired value.

The pros and cons of LCD technology

The first positive thing about the LCD is that very bright colors can be displayed. This way, the loss of comfort with a light background is less severe. With a reflective surface, it is also possible for the colors to appear stronger and more attractive.

When it comes to color accuracy, LCD is superior to OLED. LCD is a solid to very good technology and basically viable for any visual entertainment system.

The fact that LCD crystals are never completely dark because a backlight is always required can be seen as an advantage or disadvantage. However, technological progress has developed an even better system overall with OLED, the advantages of which we will look at.LCD vs OLED

How OLED works

Organic light-emitting diode, that’s what the abbreviation OLED means. As with the LCD system, there are two panes of glass with all sorts of color filters. Unlike the LCD, the system generates the light by itself and is, therefore, not dependent on a backlight.

Carbon compounds produce the self-luminous effect as a light-emitting layer since the organic materials generate an electrical voltage of three to twelve volts when applied.

Display Visions OLED modules offer OLED technology in connection with various creative additional services. Examples of this are the possibility of assembly and soldering as well as a radio connection that never loses contact.

The pros and cons of OLED

The self-illuminating effect results in an impressive contrast ratio with an absolute black, which can create an atmospheric mood but also becomes a problem when viewers can no longer see anything in night scenes.

The organic mechanism of action, together with the fact that the OLED pixels are closer to the surface of the display than the LCD pixels, ensures overall more vivid and expressive images with better color fidelity.

Other benefits include lower power consumption and thinner displays because fewer parts are needed. Disadvantages are the higher price, lower brightness, and faster wear.

OLED displays are also more susceptible to environmental influences due to the organic materials, which users should bear in mind if they use their end device outdoors.

Why OLED is the best

In a system comparison between two screens, every user will notice the overall better image quality thanks to OLED technology. The images appear brighter, livelier, and clearer, so immersion in home cinemas or computers can be increased accordingly.

During Industry 3.0, LCD was a pioneering technology. In the current phase of Industry 4.0, OLED will also become widespread as soon as the prices have fallen, which should happen quickly, according to Moore’s law.

In the top or high-end devices, the manufacturers of displays already rely almost entirely on OLED.

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