How to Use Scan Text into Notes on iOS 15.4

Among the novelties of iOS 15.4, there is the possibility of using the camera to quickly add editable texts to notes and reminders. It is a shortcut called Scan Text that allows you to photograph even long handwritten or printed texts that are converted to flight and inserted in the Notes app as editable and editable text.

Apple has released a video to highlight the possibility of taking advantage of the “Scan text” function by digitizing printed or handwritten text (provided that it is obviously written with not too complicated writing), directly with the iPad and iPhone Notes app with automatic character detection.

How to Scan Text into Notes on iOS 15.4

The procedure is simple:

  • Open the Notes or Reminders app,
  • Tap the camera icon,
  • Choose Scan text,
  • Point the camera at the text to insert and select “Insert”.

In previous versions of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, it was necessary to scan the text with the Notes app, then tap on a note and then on the “Live Text” icon. Thanks to the new shortcut, the procedure is even easier and faster.

The functionality of iOS 15.4 always takes advantage of Live Text but is even faster. The system is useful for users such as professionals or students who usually take notes via their device or who need to transform into editable text (with all the advantages) a portion of a text field that is inside an image, such as a business card, playbills, paper books, and so on.

Live Text is currently supported in English, Chinese, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, and Spanish, and works with iPhone XS, iPhone XR, or later models with iOS 15.x.

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