How to Transfer Your Data from PC to Mac?

Have you just purchased a new computer that turns out to be a Mac? It’s your first time and you want to transfer all your data from your PC to your new Mac? Don’t move, we’ll tell you how!

Material check

Before starting the data transfer, you must first check several prerequisites so that it takes place in good conditions.

  • Check if the Windows operating system has the latest updates. If not, we invite you to do so.
  • Check if the account of your session is in administrator mode or check if you know the username and password of this one.
  • Connect your two devices, PC and Mac, to the same WiFi network. It is also possible to connect your two devices via an RJ45 Ethernet cable

Installation of the migration assistant

To transfer your data from PC to Mac, the first step is to download the “migration assistant” on your Windows computer, which you will find on the official Apple website.

Depending on the version of macOS, the download link for the migration assistant will be different.

Here are the links:

using migration assistant

Using the migration assistant

Once the Migration Assistant has been downloaded, you can now open it. A window is then displayed.

On your Mac side, also open the Migration Assistant which is already present on the system. To do this, you can search for it in the Finder or the application interface. Then follow the instructions that will appear.

Once you get to the migration section, check the mention from a Windows PC then enter yours which will appear. A 6-digit code is then displayed on your two devices. Click Continue to have your Mac scan your Windows PC hard drive.

After the scan is complete, you can choose the data you want to transfer. Click Continue to display a progress bar. The process of transferring data to your Mac is now complete.

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