How to Switch from QWERTY Keyboard to AZERTY Keyboard?

What could be more irritating than ending up with a keyboard that does not obey you? To see characters appear on the screen that do not correspond to the keys you have typed? No doubt, the computer you are using is configured for another keyboard layout: you have switched from the French keyboard (AZERTY) to the American keyboard (QWERTY)! Before you tear your hair out, there are several easy ways to change this layout.

1. With a keyboard shortcut

By default, French and English are the two input languages ​​configured on your computer. A precise combination of keys allows you to switch from the AZERTY keyboard to the QWERTY keyboard.

It is also perhaps for this reason that you found yourself in this situation by accidentally hitting the corresponding keys or entering this combination in software, which makes the program deduce that you want to change the language.

So try one of the following combinations (in this order), checking each time whether the combination worked or not:

– Shift + Alt Gr or Shift + Alt

– Alt + Shift

switch from QWERTY keyboard to AZERTY keyboard

2. Via keyboard setting

Are your keyboard shortcuts not working? It is possible that the combination has been changed. So you will have to fix it manually. Be careful, the maneuver is essentially the same for all devices operating under Windows, but the title of the tabs may be slightly different depending on the version you are using.

  • Go to the control panel and click “Change keyboards or other input methods.”
  • Under the “Keyboards and languages” tab, click on “Change keyboards,” then select “Advanced key settings.”

You can then switch between the QWERTY keyboard and the AZERTY keyboard.

3. By removing the risk

Once the situation has been brilliantly restored, it is possible to modify or deactivate the keyboard shortcut or even completely remove the English keyboard to prevent such an error from happening again!

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